Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Upside Down Music Memory

I haven't been blogging routinely for quite some time but a fellow blogger, Dazee Dreamer at Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams,  has decided to start a Music Memory Monday meme & I love music so I thought I'd give it a go.  I won't have any chronological order going, just posting the song that comes to mind each week with a little blurb of what memory it may strike up.

So the song that came to mind as I checked out Dazee's blog was Upside Down by Diana Ross.  I didn't find a great video but here is a YouTube link to the song itself (for as long as it remains linkable since they like to disappear sometimes):

I remember being in grade school & back in those days, the 80's, we were still dare devils as kids & parents actually encouraged that.  Well, those parents that weren't too over protective back then. In the 80's we rode bikes without pads & helmets & did much more dangerous things that parents of today would probably.... forget they too did at that age... LOL!  Anyways, where I lived we had many a steep hill & we used to ride our skateboards down these hills without any padding (other than the body fat some of us carried).  I spent many an evening going down the hill, on my belly, head first as I sang this song.  I was about 8 years old at the time & had many a scrapped up chin, banged up knees, stubbed toes & more from this activity but I was sort of upside down as I sang it & sometimes round & round too.

Gotta a Music Memory you want to share?  Come on, you know you do.... link up with Dazee or leave a comment & share yours too.

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