Monday, September 29, 2014

First Love Bundle

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Listen up ladies! If romance reads are your thing then here is a, 7 book, bundle that you need to grab up quick. It's on sale at Amazon right now for 99 cents so get it while the deal lasts!

In most of the reads the author has thrown in an exclusive bonus that you will only find in the bundle & those alone are worth the 99 cents that you will pay for this now so get it while it's hot.
In the book you will find the following:

This is the 2nd book in the Random series. Random Acts of Crazy is the 1st however this is a series where each book within it can be read as a stand alone. Sam blew it with Amy four years ago, but when they reconnect at one of Sam’s gigs, their explosive reunion will either rip open old wounds, or help them forget their painful past. Special EXCLUSIVE SCENE featuring Amy and Sam is available ONLY in this bundle.  

Blue Roses - Mimi Strong
This is the 1st book in the Baker Street Romance series. In this funny romantic comedy, a gruff motorcycle repair shop owner tries to win the heart of a heart-broken florist.  

A shy grad student studying blood cancer falls for a billionaire playboy — until she discovers he is a vampire. Special EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK of Bloodstricken is available ONLY in this bundle.

LOST - Nadia Simonenko
This is the 1st book in the Lost & Found series. Maria's terrifying past haunts her until she meets a kindred spirit in Owen, a fellow college student with secrets of his own. Will they find their way forward together or will their troubled pasts consume them both?

This is the 1st book in the Forever series. When the death of young couple’s seven-day-old baby tears them apart, only the love they’ve nurtured since they were children can possibly bring them back together. Special EXCLUSIVE scene featuring Gavin and Corabelle is available ONLY in this bundle.

This author writes her books as serials so that reading them is sort of like tuning into your favorite weekly TV show. This is the An MMA fighter living in the shadow of his pro boxing father begins training a young woman with powerful raw talent, sparking a love affair that could jeopardize them both. Special EXCLUSIVE scene featuring Colt’s reaction to Jo jumping from his father’s limo available ONLY in this bundle. In this book you will delve into volume 1 & 2 of the series, there are 5 volumes in total & you'll definitely want to read the rest! 

NO ONE’S ANGEL - Kelly Walker
This is the 1st book in the Chadwll Hearts series. When Arion’s long-lost online gaming partner unexpectedly shows up shivering and frightened on his doorstep, the pair must confront her past to have any hope for a future. Special EXCLUSIVE scene with Angel and Arion available ONLY in this bundle.

The info above is a mixture of information on the bundle & books within it from Amazon & Goodreads, along with a little info from me mixed in from those sorces. You can click on any of the names of the individual books or series to be brought to their Goodreads pages where you can read more into what each of them is about. Trust me, for 99 cents you are getting quite the bargain so hurry & grab your copy today!!

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