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Uninhibited - The Callahan Series

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Alicia lives life by the rules. She has a successful career, friends, a family that loves her and she has been in love with her perfect guy for 3 plus years. The problem is that her perfect guy, Hunter, is one of her best friends and has no clue... oh and he's about to get married to another woman.  Alicia, being who she is, actually likes the fiance and rather than finally confessing her feelings to Hunter, she struggles to try to forget him and move on. When the chance to do just that appears and gets her all fired up she then has to fight the guilt that keeps rearing up it's ugly head to cool things down.

Dex Callahan is a bad boy rocker who is itching to get back into the scene but is afraid that it will take over his life once again. He's been there, done that and lost a few things along the way; including himself and a fellow band mate. Nothing gives him the rush that being on the stage in front of a sea of screaming fans does. Well, he thought there was nothing that could provide that rush but he soon finds out he was wrong. Dex comes across just the thing he needs that not only provides the rush but just may also be the balm he's been missing that can keep the rush in control should he give into the itch of going back on stage.

This is the first book that I've read by Melody Grace but it's actually the 2nd book in a spin-off series from the Beachwood Bay series. Book 1 is Unrequited:

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You don't have to read them in order or anything but Unrequited is currently free on Amazon so why not pick it up and read it before Uninhibited is available? It's about 100 pages and sets up Uninhibited so that you get a little of the back story for the scene that you are brought into. In the first few chapters of Uninhibited you may think that it feels rushed and leaves you wondering exactly what happened but don't fret, Unrequited tells you so if you get that read in first then you are ahead of the game. I definitely went back to read it cause I needed to know more! I also now need to read the rest of the Beachwood Bay series to get the scoop on Hunter and some of the other Beachwood Bay locals.  

It all begins with Untouched, which is  also currently free on Amazon so get it while the getting's good!

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Ok, so back to the Callahan series. You can click on the book pics and links I've provided above to get the official book blurbs where you are given a little more detail on the opening scene and how exactly Alicia and Dex meet. There are links listed below also.  I figured I'd provide more of my own spin on it all here rather than repeat all that cause I tend to get wordy as it is.  I will say that it's not often that I feel the male character in a book is just too good. I'm seriously rethinking the number of stars I've given this book! The more I think about it the more I have to admit that when Dex Callahan whispers all that he wants to do to help Alicia out with her man problems, I seriously felt like it was my ear that was being whispered into. I don't know about you but when done right I just get the chills in all the right ways. With the right imagination and this book, yeah.... you could feel it too for sure!  

Yes, it's official, I'm changing my rating on Unrequited and Uninhibited to 5 star and adding it to my favorites on Goodreads!


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Amazon link for Untouched (free, get it now!)
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I was provided with an ARC of Uninhibited through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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