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Hollywood Scandal

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Dr. Calla Roberts is a Hollywood plastic surgeon although it's not exactly by her choice. Much happier as a plastic surgeon in programs like Doctors Without Borders or providing her services to a local free/low income type clinic, she has responsibilities that limit the time she can spend on that. Spending all her time on helping those in need and earning money helping those that just 'want' there is little time for relationships of any kind. Then one day the world of the vain and the meek collide and Dr. Roberts is stuck in the middle but fighting for the meek.

L.A. Lawyer, Alex Hardy has the rather unique trait of being completely honest. Because of that he can come off quite abrasive and irritating. He comes from a Hollywood family where he lived through all the lies and scandal that can be brought from that. Love has been one of those things that he cannot trust from most of the women he's seen throughout his life because most of them were either focused on his money or the Hollywood connections. His current mission is to find out who is leaking pictures and information on those seen at a local plastic surgery clinic. It just so happens to be the clinic Dr. Roberts works at and she just so happens to be his main suspect.

Calla and Alex meet under more negative circumstances but once Alex decides she isn't involved in the leak of information from the clinic he becomes rather intrigued by her. The 2 have a great chemistry and even though Alex irritates Calla at first, she soon comes to respect his honesty and appreciates the fact that there is someone who wants to help her. She's been the one to take care of herself and her brother since her parents died and relishes in the fact that now there is someone willing to help her. Things get a little crazy with a Hollywood actor harassing her and to combat that Calla and Alex fake a relationship that ends up morphing into reality in the land of make believe. 

There is a lot of heart in this read! It's the first book I've read by Julie Rowe but it's actually 3rd in a series so I will definitely need to read the first 2:

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Hollywood Scandal can be purchased through most retailers, here are some links:

Entangled Publishing
Barnes & Noble

I leave you with my favorite passage from the book:

“She liked his honesty? "Why?" "Because it's part of who you are, a person you're comfortable with. Most of the time, I see people who don't like themselves, so they seek to change or alter their appearance, which is an insidious sort of lie. Reshaping their nose or chin or lips is the easy way, but it doesn't really work.” 

I was provided with an Arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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