Friday, July 4, 2014

F.A.S.T. Shot of Relief

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I participate in the Influenster program and was lucky enough to receive the #SurfsUpVoxBox that they were sending out with the fun summer products to test and review. Each box had First Aid Shot Therapy in it (F.A.S.T.) for those of us that received the box to check out.

I'm not one to have much pain that requires any sort of medication to relieve it so I wasn't so sure I'd be able to use this. My boyfriend experiences a lot of pain so I was going to have him try it and then sort of interview him but then I read all the info closely and found it may not be good for those that avoid Aspirin or have ulcers. Well, he has a few issues with those things so I figured it would be best to wait until I could use it myself.

I have a tendency to clench my teeth as I sleep sometimes and that leads to me waking up with a headache and jaw pains. Usually it goes away after I'm up for a while but sometimes it hangs on and I take Ibuprofen or something along those lines. Today I had the headache that hung on. There was no jaw pain but for some unknown reason my arms were having some pains that felt like muscle strain type pains. I really hate muscle pains, more than headaches! The combination of the 2 reminded me that I had F.A.S.T. to try out so down the hatch it went!

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Well, first I had to give it a smell that is. I can't just drink it without knowing what to expect. It says that it's a berry flavor and it's mostly caffeine so I figured it wouldn't really have that 'medicine' like flavor to it. I was afraid it would be really overly sweet but the smell made it seem like it would be very light with no strong, lingering flavor/after taste.  So then down the hatch it went.

I was actually pleasantly pleased with the taste. It was very light, not overly sweet, and there was a light cherry like flavor to it. There was no medicine like taste what so ever and no bad after taste.  I would say that it took care of the headache pretty quickly. I lost track of time but it was probably within minutes that it tackled that headache and I was no longer feeling that pain. The muscle pain was different, that lingered for a while.  

I did find myself taking a nap a few hours after I took F.A.S.T. I'm not usually one to take naps so I'm not sure if that was the result of the product or if it was just cause I woke up early and maybe didn't sleep well since I obviously had the clenching going on. Either way, after I woke up from the nap I was still feeling a slight pain in the arms but not as strong and about an hour later no more pain at all.  

It worked out pretty well and would probably do wonders for those who don't like to take pills or who want to stay away from pills.  I'd say it's worth giving a shot if you are one that may experience any minor type pains that you find yourself seeking over the counter relief for. If you click on the pictures above you'll be brought to a few sites where you can check out more information on the product and purchase if you're interested. You can also check them out on Facebook @Firstaidshottherapy.

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