Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Head Full of Happy Hair!

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I was lucky enough to receive the #SurfsUpVoxBox from Influenster recently and in the box I got the trail sized conditioner and shampoo from Not Your Mother's.  Being someone with very thin, limp hair that tends to frizz and can sometimes look oily who has tried many products in the past, I was pretty skeptical about this one doing much for me. I was thinking that a trial size really wouldn't give me much to work with as far as seeing results, I mean don't you need to trial something out for a while to really know how it works? Well, I have to admit that I was quite surprised buy this product!

Now granted, I'm not one to use conditioner. I don't have the patience for the whole routine of washing then conditioning. That could be part of my problem with the state of my hair. It feels straw like and seems to have a lot of breakage lately, even though I don't use a hairdryer any longer and only a small amount of styling product. In the past when I did use conditioner it only seemed that it had a hand in weighing down my hair because my hair seemed less limp without using it.

I decided to be open minded and used both the shampoo and conditioner here. First of all they smell awesome! There is a coconut smell to them and I am a big fan of all that is coconut.  The shampoo lathered up nicely, smelled great the whole time I was washing and massaging my scalp. I rinsed that out well and applied the conditioner next. It also had a coconut smell, however not quite as strong as the shampoo. Massaged that in and waited a few minutes to finally rinse it out. As I was rinsing I already felt the silky difference in the feel of my hair!

I towel dried my hair, brushed it out and then let it dry from there without adding any product or anything. Usually once the hair dries it's thin, limp and lifeless but not this time! I found that it looked like had a whole lot more hair, it was soft, it smelled great and I couldn't stop touching it! The smell of the shampoo and conditioner hung on for quite a while and then I probably just got to a point where I was used to it so I just noticed it less. A couple days later I used my old shampoo and POOF, away when the life that NYM added to my hair a few days earlier. Washed and conditioned again with NYM and once again I had a head full of happy, soft hair. There were no waves in my hair from the product but since my hair is so straight I wasn't really expecting it to do miracles to that effect.

My end result is that I love this product and I definitely will be buying me some full size products soon to use on a daily basis! I would recommend this product to anyone and I already have mentioned it to a friend who was interested in it and may already be using it daily herself.  Definitely give this product a try, it can be purchased through some online sellers and places like CVS. If you click on the picture above and the one below it will bring you to a few sites that you can more info through or make a purchase. 

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