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His Billion Dollar Baby

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I started this book right before Memorial Day weekend & found the subject matter, by Lea Nolan, rather fitting for that.  This was a great short read that had a little different spin than the books I've read as of late.

Gwen Radley is a Physical Therapy that had a one night fling with a former patient, Ben Anderson. There was a mutual attraction between the 2 but they knew that it wasn't something that would be more than casual, Ben was on his way back to fighting for his Country. While Ben was away Gwen discovers that she is pregnant and being a product of the Foster system she is determined to give her baby everything she missed out on growing up. Before she has a chance to give the news to Ben, she finds out that was killed in combat and now, rather than meeting up while he's home on leave, she's attending the funeral of her baby's daddy.  She wanted only to give him the news and expected nothing from him other than to be ok with her decision to keep the baby.

Carter Anderson, Ben's brother, runs the family business due to his father's stroke.  Work It Gear is a prominent fitness wear company created by Carter & Ben's dad, who was formally a well known football player. Carter hasn't been lucky in love and not only him but his family had to pay for a money grubbing woman that married him for all the wrong reasons. Things didn't end well so with the guilt of what that did to the family and the fact that Ben left to be in the military, he felt he needed to step up to be the one to learn the business. Now with his brother gone and his dad's condition not appearing to be getting any better and being burned by love, he feels he's destined to a life of a bachelor who plays his way through the women strictly for company. 

Carter and Gwen meet at Ben's funeral and while she didn't want to let the baby news get out, it does. Carter isn't sure what to make of it or her and finds much conflict in the immediate attraction he had to her. His mother however is nothing but excited as the prospect of having a little piece of Ben live on and wants Gwen to move in. Gwen doesn't have much and soon finds what little she does have being burned away. She's against taking any charity from the Andersons, even more so after finding out how wealthy they are. The last thing she wants is for them to think she is out for their money or anything from them. Momma Anderson has a way of getting her way however and Gwen soon moves in and from there she moves into the hearts of the Anderson family, but not without a lot of resistance from one of the Andersons.

It's a sweet read really. One that will frustrate you in some parts but there is a happy ending that you definitely can predict but it doesn't take away from it at all.  Grab up a copy, you won't be disappointed.

This book is not in the erotic category at all, for those who like to steer away from that sort of thing:-)

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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