Sunday, June 29, 2014

Curvaceous Bombshell

While the blog title, Curvaceous Bombshell, may have had you thinking about some plump curves, I'm thinking it wasn't the plump curve of an eyelash that you pictured? Well that's what I'm talking about today here folks. 

I'm part of the Influenster Nation and through them I'm provided the opportunity to try free products. How fun right? All I have to do in exchange is spread the word so others may go out and purchase said items in the future. Of course it's honest opinions they are looking for so in some cases it may prevent you from going out to buy them in the future. Anyways, the latest box of goodies I received was the SurfsUpVoxBox, which I will blog later about cause really this is separate from that.  You series, while some did receptive the Bombshell mascara, everyones box can differ so I wasn't one. Why am I reviewing and mentioning them you natty ask? Well because I heard about it from them and happened to find CoverGirl mascara on sale so why not?? So here are my thoughts:

 photo imagejpg1-1.jpg

My initial thought was that I loved the color and look of the product itself. It's fun and sassy, easy to toss in your purse or make part of your travel bag and it's appealing. What girl wouldn't want to know what it is and what to try it herself, am I right?  The fact that I found a sale didn't hurt matters but to be honest, I was in the store fore it cause I wanted to give it a try... even at full price. So I made my purchase, got it home, checked it out & gave it a go.

The picture shows the before and after eye. There is definitely a difference in the lashes so that's a plus. Whether it be lighting or my iPhone camera skills the difference is there and the lashes are more prominent after the 1-2 step application. The first step simply applies the mascara with a curved brush and the 2nd brush is straight, plumper and meant to help with the curves. There is some curve, I didn't need to use a curling tool at all. Now I'm not the most steady, skilled hand at the art of cosmetic application so it probably doesn't look all that great here. Then again, that could just be my picture taking skills that I'm lacking in. It can get clumpy with the 2nd application so beware. With some use and practice I'm sure I'll get the same results that those of you with skills will probably get the first time you try it.  When removing it follow those directions cause it has some staying power fore sure! I had some good success with using coconut oil to remove it.

All in all it's a great product that I'll have some fun with, recommend and most likely buy again.

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