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Star Attraction

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The worlds of media and celebrity collide in this fun and engrossing debut novel from entertainment and fashion writer Vanessa Stubbs. 

Exploring the phenomenon of when opposites attract Star Attraction pitches two people at the height of their successful careers and asks if they'd risk it all for love. 

The tale begins when Madison, an independent, ambitious journalist reporting on the issues that matter, is sent to interview Jamie (most-gorgeous-man-on-earth) Hall and Hollywood heartthrob from The Rose Diaries, a generation defining flick. 

Suddenly Jamie Hall collapses during his day of publicity and the pressure is on for Madison to get the inside scoop. While she never counted on offending Jamie, he is exhausted with the media putting words in his mouth, and the interview goes horribly wrong. 

But a chance 3am meeting in the last place you'd expect to find a movie star reveals that not all is as it seems with Jamie Hall. 

They're from opposite worlds but Jamie and Madison have more in common than they realise. Can their love blossom with their mounting career pressures and the entire world watching? 

‘The best Australian chick-lit I’ve read in years. It captures a tabloid newsroom and combines it with Hollywood glam’ - Sharri Markson, Editor of CLEO 

My Personal Review

I enjoyed this book for the different approach it took in telling the story. This delved into the lifestyle of a journalist and an actor, how the paparazzi affects them and how the jobs can take over their lives.  Both Jamie and Madison loved their jobs but were beginning to feel the wear and tear of it on their lives. Fate brings the 2 of them together in the guise of Madison having to interview Jamie and things take there course from there. 

Through the interview process the 2 get to know each other and begin to fall for one another. Choices are made and once again their jobs win out so Madison and Jamie are left to contemplate their choices and if they were really the right ones after all. 

We really spend most of the book getting into the heads of these characters and experiencing their emotions along with them. There are some points where I just wanted Jamie or Madison to push ahead and go after what they wanted but things seem to take a more realistic approach so while it can be frustrating in parts, it's also rewarding in other parts.  You'll have to pick up a copy and give it a read to see how things end and if the 2 beat fate at it's matchmaking game or not.  

About the Author

Vanessa Stubbs is an entertainment and fashion reporter for MX newspaper, and has interviewed many Hollywood actors, including Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Denzel Washington. She has also worked as a News Limited general reporter. The story of Jamie Hall is loosely based on some of the celebrities Vanessa has interviewed over the years. She has a great insight into the real world of celebrity interviews and the celebrity lifestyle.

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I was provided with an Arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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