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Irresistible Enemy

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Destiny Romance

Cassie enjoys nursing the injured animals back to health in the Australian bush. It can be a somewhat lonely life however very rewarding in other ways. She's not one to be too girly or overly fancy in her appearance since the majority of the time is spent helping the animals in the wild and those she keeps on her property as she nurses them back to health. Actually, she really doesn't seem to focus on herself and what she wants out of life much at all... except when it comes to keeping the bush in its natural order for those that live off the land.

Hart Huntingdon is a wealthy business man who's in Australia to close a deal on building some luxury properties in the bush. He's sort of at a crossroads in life where the job really isn't making him happy but this deal is one that he wants to complete. He is a man that dresses well and likes the finer things in life but has a side to him that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty... even while wearing the fancy, expensive suits.

Hart happens to come across Cassie while she's in a tough spot where she has an injured kangaroo trapped and is trying to figure out how she is going to deal with it on her own. The 2 of them work together to help the kangaroo and they are drawn to one another. 

The 2 of them can't stop thinking about each other, even after they find out their on opposing ends of the battle that the local environmentalists are having with the Hart's company. The passion Cassie has for the land and the animals that live on it seems to entice Hart more and more and he finds himself stopping by her place so he can spend time with her. Cassie is rather reluctant but she too is drawn to him so she puts him to work and is surprised to see how well he takes to it.

Hart's missing some things in life and he begins to find that Cassie seems to be someone who can possibly help him become complete again. Cassie struggles with her desire to be with Hart and her love of the land. Can the 2 of them find a happy medium without giving up to much of themselves in the process? They each have holes in their lives that the other can help to fill, if only they can compromise and see that there something worth saving on both sides.

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