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Fury & Fierce


This book is the same story as told in Fierce but from Hunter's point of view. We get to learn more about Hunter and what it is that he was thinking and why he seemed so hot and cold. Since you read this from a guy's point of view you are getting more of an edge to all the chemistry between him and Autumn. He's a guy with much more experience and while he is pretty aggressive and sure of himself in that aspect, he is not quite as secure when it comes to letting people in or allowing himself to feel like he deserves to. What we really learn is that we have someone who puts his life on the line for those that he loves, even when he isn't quite sure that it's love he feels for them. Hunter is bound and determined to do what he has to in order to get his brother out of jail while he struggles with his feelings and needs for Autumn.  Now if you've read the first book then you know what happens in this one and what the outcome is but I won't be giving any of that away, just in case you haven't read. There is definitely a lot that takes place in the read but it's pretty easy to follow and it's great if you like a book that's fast paced and filled with intrigue that keeps you reading, even when you already know the story from the first book. There's definitely something to be said when your are reading a book that is telling the same story from another point of view and it holds your interest, especially if you're not one that likes to re-read a book.  I am definitely looking forward to the second book to see if life calms down for Hunter and Autumn and what part his brother plays in their lives once he's released from jail.

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Autumn is the awkward girl who has books on the brain & boys just aren't really much of an interest, until Hunter comes along. Hunter is the mysterious bad boy that her friends warn her to stay away from but she sees a different side to him. The 2 of them find that there is a chemistry between them that cannot be denied pretty much from the start. It's a story of young love with some mystery tossed in for good measure. You want to know what Hunter is mixed up with & as his story unravels you find that the players aren't always who you expect them to be. Well, you as the reader may catch on & expect them but Autumn... she didn't always expect them. There are some steamy scenes but it's not really what I'd call over erotic... as the cover may sort of suggest. I was actually surprised at the route the book took, suprised & quite pleased.

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