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A Read That Sneaks Up On You!
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This is a powerful read that sort of sneaks up on you if you aren't paying attention. I say that because you know going in that it's pretty much involving domestic violence but it's not overtly descriptive in the occurrences of that until the latter half of the book. This book is mostly about the struggle the victim goes through making the decisions they have to make to allow themselves, & those they love, to be survivors.

Belinda, affectionately called 'Pecan', is a Mississippi daddy’s girl & was lacking in a woman’s touch in her upbringing. Fairly naive, she falls for Ricky Morrow, an out of town visitor & the first guy that really overlooks her friends for her. Pecan’s father puts a stop to things fairly quickly, since Ricky is older, and for the most part the 2 abide by those rules. Fate then steps in, Pecan’s dad dies & she feels lost in the world. Ricky steps back into her life & promises to take care of her so they end up getting married & moving to Chicago, where he plans to become a boxer.

Living in a new place, where she has no one but her husband that she barely knows, Pecan has to now learn how to become a wife. It’s not too long before she also has to learn to become a mother. Ricky’s temper and abusive nature doesn’t take too long to begin showing & about 2 years into the marriage Pecan begins to try to get out.  This is where the story gets frustrating, irritating, heartbreaking, & so much more. Not due to the writer’s ways mind you, due to the content, the truth of it all, and the fact that the victims of domestic violence aren’t only victimized by their abuser but everyone (or most everyone) around them & in turn themselves. As a lot of these stories go, Pecan endures many years with Ricky & ends up having a few more children & a miscarriage before she finally gets somewhere & divorces him. Now I don’t want to give away all the guts of the story because you need to read it & be in the moment of it all to really feel it.  I will just say that one would think that the divorce would have made things better for her but it’s all in the eye of the beholder really. While she didn’t have to live with Ricky any longer, he was still out there living his life like nothing happened & she was dealing with all the repercussions of everything that did & continued to happen. Again, there was some good & she found a power within herself from all that she had been through but she continued to be penalized for things that she, as the victim, should have been helped with right to the end. It really just makes you have compassion for the struggles that the victims go through and empathize with the choices they make so that they can make it out alive. 

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UPDATE - 5/9/2014 ~~ This book has won an Independent Publisher Book Award and the Author is featuring the first paragraph of my reveiw on her website (totally honored!).  CONGRATS to D. Bryant Simmons! Check out this book!!

I was provided with an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Julie said...

Good evening. I usually...well not usually, but sometimes don't read peoples book reviews but I mostly do yours. I liked the way this one sounded so ordered from Kindle. Thanks for a great book review.
Have a blessed evening!

D. Bryant Simmons said...

Thanks again Melanie for taking the time to read and review Bravebird! Your words hit home 100%! You really got what I was trying to do with this story, so thank you!

Angela said...

Excellent review, Melanie. The book really brought to light the epidemic that is domestic violence. Without a sugary-coating.

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