Friday, March 21, 2014

Hold My Hand

Aubrey is a woman working on defeating the insecurities rooted deep within her by her father.  Her father did a little toxic gardening by degrading her at every turn as she grew up. There were her sisters that pretty much raised her & helped her  get into college so she could get away from the emotional abuse. Now she's an aspiring writer working at a coffee shop.

William is a self assured business man who is into Sub/Dom relationships & has his eye on Aubrey. He's a regular at the coffee shop where he slowly observes & catches Aubrey's interest. He's pretty crafty in his planning & learns quite a bit about her. 

The 2 of them get together & Aubrey struggles with her desire & need for William & the lifestyle/relationship he offers her. She wants what he can give her but each time she gives in she has her upbringing, religious beliefs & what she perceives as the 'cultural norm' guilting her. There are parts of their relationship that may make you cringe or wonder why she stays but overall you can see that there is a desire, on both of their parts, to strengthen what they feel is a lasting relationship. You read the story from Aubrey's point of view so you know how she feels but you also get the sense that William cares deeply for her & will give her whatever space & time she needs to make her decisions. 

We can read about William's point of view in Touch My Heart.

I was provided with an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. You can learn mor about the author, Paloma Beck, & her books at her website. Her books are available for purchase there & Amazon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fury & Fierce

This book is the same story as told in Fierce but from Hunter's point of view. We get to learn more about Hunter and what it is that he was thinking and why he seemed so hot and cold. Since you read this from a guy's point of view you are getting more of an edge to all the chemistry between him and Autumn. He's a guy with much more experience and while he is pretty aggressive and sure of himself in that aspect, he is not quite as secure when it comes to letting people in or allowing himself to feel like he deserves to. What we really learn is that we have someone who puts his life on the line for those that he loves, even when he isn't quite sure that it's love he feels for them. Hunter is bound and determined to do what he has to in order to get his brother out of jail while he struggles with his feelings and needs for Autumn.  Now if you've read the first book then you know what happens in this one and what the outcome is but I won't be giving any of that away, just in case you haven't read. There is definitely a lot that takes place in the read but it's pretty easy to follow and it's great if you like a book that's fast paced and filled with intrigue that keeps you reading, even when you already know the story from the first book. There's definitely something to be said when your are reading a book that is telling the same story from another point of view and it holds your interest, especially if you're not one that likes to re-read a book.  I am definitely looking forward to the second book to see if life calms down for Hunter and Autumn and what part his brother plays in their lives once he's released from jail.

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Autumn is the awkward girl who has books on the brain & boys just aren't really much of an interest, until Hunter comes along. Hunter is the mysterious bad boy that her friends warn her to stay away from but she sees a different side to him. The 2 of them find that there is a chemistry between them that cannot be denied pretty much from the start. It's a story of young love with some mystery tossed in for good measure. You want to know what Hunter is mixed up with & as his story unravels you find that the players aren't always who you expect them to be. Well, you as the reader may catch on & expect them but Autumn... she didn't always expect them. There are some steamy scenes but it's not really what I'd call over erotic... as the cover may sort of suggest. I was actually surprised at the route the book took, suprised & quite pleased.

I was provided with a copy of Fierce by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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A Read That Sneaks Up On You!
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This is a powerful read that sort of sneaks up on you if you aren't paying attention. I say that because you know going in that it's pretty much involving domestic violence but it's not overtly descriptive in the occurrences of that until the latter half of the book. This book is mostly about the struggle the victim goes through making the decisions they have to make to allow themselves, & those they love, to be survivors.

Belinda, affectionately called 'Pecan', is a Mississippi daddy’s girl & was lacking in a woman’s touch in her upbringing. Fairly naive, she falls for Ricky Morrow, an out of town visitor & the first guy that really overlooks her friends for her. Pecan’s father puts a stop to things fairly quickly, since Ricky is older, and for the most part the 2 abide by those rules. Fate then steps in, Pecan’s dad dies & she feels lost in the world. Ricky steps back into her life & promises to take care of her so they end up getting married & moving to Chicago, where he plans to become a boxer.

Living in a new place, where she has no one but her husband that she barely knows, Pecan has to now learn how to become a wife. It’s not too long before she also has to learn to become a mother. Ricky’s temper and abusive nature doesn’t take too long to begin showing & about 2 years into the marriage Pecan begins to try to get out.  This is where the story gets frustrating, irritating, heartbreaking, & so much more. Not due to the writer’s ways mind you, due to the content, the truth of it all, and the fact that the victims of domestic violence aren’t only victimized by their abuser but everyone (or most everyone) around them & in turn themselves. As a lot of these stories go, Pecan endures many years with Ricky & ends up having a few more children & a miscarriage before she finally gets somewhere & divorces him. Now I don’t want to give away all the guts of the story because you need to read it & be in the moment of it all to really feel it.  I will just say that one would think that the divorce would have made things better for her but it’s all in the eye of the beholder really. While she didn’t have to live with Ricky any longer, he was still out there living his life like nothing happened & she was dealing with all the repercussions of everything that did & continued to happen. Again, there was some good & she found a power within herself from all that she had been through but she continued to be penalized for things that she, as the victim, should have been helped with right to the end. It really just makes you have compassion for the struggles that the victims go through and empathize with the choices they make so that they can make it out alive. 

You can check out D. Bryant Simmons by clicking on her picture below, which will bring you to her website.  More info on her book & the series there along with links to where she can be found in other social media sites.

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UPDATE - 5/9/2014 ~~ This book has won an Independent Publisher Book Award and the Author is featuring the first paragraph of my reveiw on her website (totally honored!).  CONGRATS to D. Bryant Simmons! Check out this book!!

I was provided with an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Perversely Loving You

I came across this picture and it inspired met to jot this ditty, not out of my own experience however. I've been lucky enough not to have to deal with these types of things but I have heard other's stories and I have many a Lifetime movie under my belt so that is where I've drawn the words from.

You always said that you loved me.
That you could never live without me
But that only left me fearing you
And somehow perversely loving you.
Your angry words hurt, all would agree.
Your hands, they leave marks that all can see.
I'd like to say that we're done, we're through,
How to escape I just have no clue.

You've taken away my sense of pride,
From everyone I know I just hide.
Your loving me is ruining my life.
The love I felt is replaced with strife.

You said you'd never hurt me, you lied!
I'm left feeling like my heart has died.
All these years I've been like a housewife,
I'll warn you that I'm good with a knife.

You could never live without me? Great!
I'm making dinner, don't be too late.
You showed up and you were so polite.
We did both have such a pleasant night.
You called it a night, I planned instead
And while you slept I cut off your head.
Don't worry, I was sad and I cried.
Now I'm safe and you're still by my side.

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