Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Taste of Fear

Lost in the forest on a moonlight night
The howling wolves put you in a fright
No place to run to and no place to hide
All of a sudden there's a noise at your side

You look down to see if it's what you fear
And it looks back up at you with a sneer
You say a quick prayer and hold very still
And hope you don't shiver from the cold chill

From way up above you hear a shrill scream
You find yourself hoping that it's all a dream
You're too scared to look up and can't look down
You try to remember which way to town

There is a faint whisper heard in the breeze
You sense something else way up in the trees
The wolf starts to whimper and backs away
You are almost wishing that it would stay

The scream sounds again and away it goes
You are now on your own and your fear grows
You take a step forward just to see
If what's above will just let you be

It seems like it's ok to move ahead
But then comes the scream that you now dread
You quickly look up to see what you find
You begin to think it's all in your mind

To your left something looks like a fairy
But it's the moon that is somewhat scary
The moon looks back at you with dark eyes
It stares at you with no compromise

The fairy like being flitters around
You just stand there not making a sound
The moon screams again, the fairy just falls
Next thing you know you hear the wolf calls

"Say your last prayers" whispers the moon
You realize that your time will end soon
The wolves begin to all gather around
You look to and fro, the fairy's not found

Was it all just a figment of your mind?
The moon says "Yes, I was just being kind"
"The fairy was not a fairy at all"
You suddenly feel frightenly small

The wolves close in and they begin to drool
The moon starts to laugh and calls you a fool
They begin to sniff and lick for a taste
If you just give up it would be a waste

You decide to run and the chase ensues
You trip and fall; you can feel the big bruise
The wolves catch up and begin to prepare
Now your one on one and you just stare

There is nothing left to do or to say
You now figure it's over, come what may
The wolf is perplexed, sensing no fight
It spares your life and runs off in the night

The moon whispers down "It's a lucky few"
"Follow the path that I've lit for your view"
"Don't come back to this forest of dread"
"For if you do, you'll be leaving it dead"

3 Unleashed voices:

Alexandra Wong said...

That was an amazing poem! I loved the fearful, yet almost playful, tone of it :) Good luck on the blogging from a-z challenge!

Nabanita said...

That was a lyrical tease on fear! wonderful..

Kalpana Solsi said...

Fear served on a plate!

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