Thursday, February 6, 2014

Calming Storms


Orange skies guide the oncoming storm,
fogginess before it hits is often the norm.
Hot humid days and even more humid nights
create the perfect atmosphere for electric lights.

The horizon harbors the storm's clouds,
sometimes the view brings out the crowds.
The smell in the air is ripe with the threat
of the clouds opening up to make everything wet.

The foliage is waiting for the rain to pour
a recent drought's causing its thirst to soar.
The trees seem to reach further up in the sky
cause their roots are also very thirsty and dry.

The water will fall quenching the Earth's thirst
in doing its job it becomes quite immersed.
When the task is complete all becomes serene,
everything once again appears lush and green.

Artwork by Cathy / Artist

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This week's theme - Thirsty 

3 Unleashed voices:

Kalpana Solsi said...

The parched earth is waiting for the skies to open up. how beautiful.

Lady In Read said...

parched earth here too in California - eagerly soaking up the drops that the last two days finally brought us after a dry, dry period (drought is the word)..

Nabanita said...

Ohh this is so beautiful!

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