Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Autobiography

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Life, an autobiography. 
Your parents, the forward to how you came to be. 

The first 18 years, 
the prologue to the person you become. 

As the author it’s your decision; 
write in advance, 
live in the moment, 
or do a little of both. 

Do you just become a product of the past 
or are you a predictor, 
a creator, 
or a sculptor of the future? 

Your autobiography doesn’t have to fit the mold 
but make it something that, you &, others look forward to.

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This week's theme - forward 

2 Unleashed voices:

Leovi said...

My smiles for your poem, I want this to be a sculptor and live intensely!

humbird said...

It's true: 'As the author it’s your decision' what to do with your life, how to move forward. ~ Nice poem, I love the picture too.

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