Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jar of Happiness

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With the start of a new year comes many resolutions right? Well, I've set some little goals for myself but I'm not really calling them resolutions, it's just that it's nice to start them fresh with a new year is all.  The picture above shows what will be known as my jar of happiness. That's right, jar of happiness! You see there inside? It's my first piece of happiness from the 1st day of the new year. 

I first got this idea a few weeks ago on Facebook when a site called Mindful Ireland posted this:

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Then I came across a blog post called Bottle Up Your Daily Happiness! and I decided that I just needed to do this for the year. It helps with my goal of always finding the good in things, cause really... who wants to focus on all the bad stuff right?? I came up with a little mantra for it even & it goes like this:

"Keep your daily focus in life more on the good things that happen rather than the bad & so much more fun will ultimately be had."

I think more people should adopt it so go ahead, feel free to steal it, I won't mind a bit! So my jar of happiness will be where I sit down each day to write down whatever it is that is positive for the day. Whether it made me smile, laugh, cry (What? Crying is good sometimes!), be grateful, be thankful, made me dream, made me wish... etc. You get the drift right?  It's simple really, just whatever I want to write. Then at the end of the year I'll delve in & open all the little notes like the gifts that they are! I haven't quite decided what I'll do with them then, you know... other than enjoy them & think back to each of those days & the little pieces of happiness that I found back then.

It's an easy concept that can be fun for one and all so grab a jar & some fun paper & make yourself, or the family, one so you too can focus on the good things in life and recall a little bit of everyday!

I also set my reading goal for the year today, which is 250 books, and a friend posted the following picture which sort of fit the theme of reading, focusing on the good, writing and a new year & all so I'll end the blog with this final visual thought:

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Debsdailylife said...

Im doing the jar thing too! Altho mine is in a notebook. I figure even crappy days have a LEAST crappy moment!!
250 books?!! Thats a lot of books!! If you look at my list, my goal is to read at least one!! Pretty sad!!! Im not wishing my life away, but once my kids are settled, I WILL read!! I miss it so much!!

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