Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legally Addicted

This book was provided to be by NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.  

This book takes place in Sydney, Australia but there isn't much about it that really tells you that, it's more about the overall trust and love that the 2 'Solicitors' find within each other.

Georgia Murray is a newly made partner in a law firm and the night of her celebration she takes her chances & has, what she believes to be, a one night stand with Brad Spencer. Brad is a fellow solicitor and will soon turn the tables on Georgia and mix up her plans for her life.

Brad Spencer is your average eligible bachelor that all the women want however he only has eyes for Georgia. She may be the one woman who can prove to him that women can see beyond his name and fortune. Georgia however has her past that will keep her from giving into her attraction so easily. Can she overcome her past to let the love shine in? Can Brad give her a chance to prove that she is more than just someone who wants him for what he can offer??  

This is a short read where the author, Lena Dowling, does a good job keeping you interested to see what it is in both of their pasts that can bring them together. You root for Brad to get through to Georgia and you want to smack her in the head here and there for some of the things she does, in effort to stay away from falling for him. James, you just gotta love James the butler. He's been with Brad since birth and James pulls no strings to tell Brad how it is. I'd have to say James was my favorite person in the book.

This book isn't quite available yet but will be around May 1st, 2013. It was a good little read, not a lot of legalese if that's not your thing.... it's all about the love story.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Night Demon

Night Demon (Night Series, #2)

Today my review is on Night Demon, by Lisa Kessler.  Now this book was furnished to me through Net Galley however it was actually released back in March so if the cover there alone peaks your curiosity then click on it and you too can get yourself a copy to read for under $5. With that being said this is actually book 2 in a series of 3 1/2 so far.  There is Night Walker, which is the 1st, and then Night Thief, which is 1.5.  All 3 are available now and the 4th, book 3 in the series, is still in process of being completed.

I have to admit that I'm a fan of vampires and the paranormal so this was right up my alley but had a different, unique spin from those that I've read in the past. It took me a while to get through this but not because of the content, just because I was lacking reading time. It's an interesting read that you can tell the author put a lot of time into researching and putting together in an engaging story. 

Now I haven't read the books before this but I didn't really feel like I was missing too much. I will definitely back track and read them to see what I've missed but it seems like it's a series that you can read out of order, like a lot of these paranormal series seem to work. 

The main character in this book is Lukas and he of course is the Night Walker who feels he's been tortured by being made a vampire and immortal. His mission is to find out how the ancient Mayans were able to take the life of those who were thought to be immortal. He hires an assistant, Gretchen, to help him with his research but little does she know what exactly the end results will be. As time goes on the 2 form a bond and Gretchen gets closer and closer to the answers that Lukas is looking for. In the meantime there are some ancients that have other ideas and plans for the future that will affect the 2 of them for the rest of their lives.... which of course can be forever.

Each author puts their own little spin on the vampire characters and this one is a mix of a few that I've read. There's a Twilight like moment towards the end that I'll be interested to see if the 3rd book picks up on and expands into a full story line. Other than that there are the usual bits and pieces that are similar but she's taken a nice spin with the Mayan background for this series. There is the common threat that all characters have to come together to defeat and with that bonds are strengthened and plans are changed. The last few chapters were probably my favorite part of the book.

So if you enjoy a good paranormal, vampire book that's different from the rest then check this one out for sure!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Release & Claim Me

It's 4/23/13 and in the book world that means it's release day for Claim Me, by Julie Kenner, so I can post my review! I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of this book through Net Galley, in exchange for an honest review.  This is book 2 in the Stark Trilogy and because I have a couple thousand books on my list to read, I hadn't read the 1st in the series at the time but after reading the first chapter I decided I needed to read the first one first.

The first book in the series is:

I have to say that I made my way through the both of these books quick like. They were an easy & enjoyable read for sure. If you have read 50 Shades of Grey and enjoyed that then you will enjoy this series. I must say that even if 50 Shades wasn't your thing then do not avoid this series because while it is still in the erotica realm of reading, it is much tamer on the male lead being so controlling. There is more of a give and take between the male & female, not all take from the male & give from the female.   

Release Me introduces us to Damien Stark and Nikki Fairchild and I think it's best not to skip it to get right to Claim Me because you miss out on that beginning. The series is like any other where Claim Me does add some background info from Release Me so that you aren't totally lost but I think you would lose the overall feel a little without reading them in order, especially since the 2nd takes off right where the 1st leaves off.

Basically you have Damien Stark who was a famous tennis pro and is now a multi-millionaire business Mogul who always gets what he wants but has scars of the past that both haunt and drive him. Then there is Nikki Fairchild who dealt with an over bearing, pageant mom that pretty much made her life hell & made her feel worthless. She's out to prove that she can make it on her own using her smarts rather than her beauty and of course her scars of the past drive her in the same ways as Damien's.

The 2 come together and have a great tennis play like chemistry. Nikki has smarts and challenges Damien while trying to get him to open up to her as she has chosen to do to him. While it would be nice to see a more realistic setting with average people instead of the rich & famous, beautiful people (as seems to be the common grouping in these stories) I have to say that I enjoyed their chemistry much more than that of the characters of 50 Shades. 

Now, the genre is erotica but I think that some may be more off put my the language than the sexual encounters. The overall sex doesn't involve quite as much bondage and control but the language used to describe it can be a little harsh if you are sensitive to some of the more taboo words. Don't let that scare you off however because if given a chance I think you will see a love story unfolding. One where 2 scarred people come together and find that their chemical bond will help heal their emotional scars & just maybe a physical one too. 

In this book we find out more about Damien's scars of the past that are flaring up. Nikki patiently tries to be there for him and encourage him in the steps that he chooses to take as he works on facing them and subduing. Throughout the series Damien's big thing is that he feels he must have control over Nikki and she is willing to allow that because in some ways the control helps her with her past demons. As he begins to trust Nikki however he begins to see that control slip away and leave behind a love for someone that needs him just as much as he needs her.

The first book ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, I just felt like it left me hanging so I was happy to have this book to continue on to right away. This book finally gets into more detail on what is haunting Damien and ends with him just about to run off to face it. We're left with an ending that could be a complete end but I again feel like I'm left hanging still so it's great there is a 3rd on the way.   

Do check out this series if you haven't already. You'll find them available on Amazon, iTunes, or whatever book site you most often use. Get your copies, immerse and enjoy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Liquid Kiss

Two lovers splashed upon the scene
There’s an aroma of passion in the air
A public display that most wouldn’t dare
Their movements are fluid and serene

Some couples may just stop and stare
Experiencing a rejuvenation
A warming, full bodied sensation
Sustaining that is often quite rare

There may be some aggravation
To the addiction they are advertising
With a sweetness that’s not appetizing
Jealousy of their liberation

The temperature is rising
Desire is their chosen form of caffeine
The energy causing them to careen 
To positions more compromising

The picture that inspired this write is the Yuanyang II sculpture (Liquid Kiss) by Tsang Cheung Shing.  (you can click on the artist's name to be brought to some pictures of his other amazing pieces of art:-)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Loving Every Minute of it

A picture of the empty stage with no lights..... a little blurry....

An attempted picture of Ralphie May.... after lights. What the heck!?! I tell ya, if I ever get a clear picture that will be a day to buy a lottery ticket! Anyways, Ralphie is who I saw on March 30th.  The dude is hilarious. You may remember him from Last Comic Standing but let me tell you, his live comedy is naughty, dirty & maybe even inappropriate.  It's not meant for you if you can't handle that sort of thing but if you can then definitely see him if you get a chance.  I laugh at the inappropriate cause life is just too short.  I may not agree with it or truly believe it but I can find the humor in it. Some people are just too serious or they just don't find certain topics appropriate to joke about.  They may even think the joking is just a guise for a person's true feelings. I guess I just don't look that deep, they are a comic it's meant to strike emotions and get a laugh and so I laugh if it makes me laugh.  Then again, my sense of humor is very, very warped:-)

Ralphie's opening act was Lahna Turner and she was awesome but, dare I say, more inappropriate than Ralphie was.  She joked about a lot of taboo things but again, warped sense of humor here & I loved it!

Again a very blurry picture so you can't even make out her face & wouldn't know it if you did see her... well, other than her name:-)  She is actually married to Ralphie, how cute... they work together. 

Overall it was a great show & he went for about 2 hours & I was loving every minute of it. He made it a point to explain to one & all that he purposely does that because he wants to give his fans their monies worth.  That's so awesome because the tickets for this show were very cheap in comparison to some.  He also stuck around after for the whole autograph & picture taking thing so those fans who need or want that sort of thing, he fulfilled.  I of course don't care about that so I was outta there... LOL!

All in all awesome show and I would definitely see him again! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Honey Pie

As I work on my mission to read more this year I came across NetGalley. What's that you ask? Well it's a group that publishers & authors provide their books to prior to them being released. If you are a member you can then sign up to be provided copies to read. Signing up is very easy but the books are provided to you, at no cost, based on some criteria that each of them may have. Some things they look for are whether you are in the field to help them get their book out there to the public; such as a librarian or you work in a book store, do you post reviews of the books you read through places like Amazon or Goodreads, or do you blog about them? Well I do post reviews on Goodreads & I've been wanting to do some blogging so I signed up & Honey Pie here was the first book I was provided with.  I have to say I was a little excited cause who doesn't like free stuff right? Especially when it's free stuff that you'd actually use, or in this case read. 

This book is published by Kensington Books & written by Donna Kauffman.  Links to Amazon provided by clicking on the picture or title above if you'd like to see info on it and the author.

This book is actually 4th in a series and I myself haven't read the other 3 but definitely will be reading them now that I've had the opportunity to read this one.  I loved every minute of it. It's a very sweet story, pun intended, that isn't too overly sexual and may even be a little too sweet for those that are more into realistic or sexual reads. It's a light & airy read with characters that are just fun and I for one would love to live in a town just like Sugarberry! I'm sure there would be days where the closeness would get on the nerves but they all look out for one another & that's not often the case now a days.

The book is about Honey "Pie" D'Amourvell.  She's become very sheltered to protect herself from being brought into other people's personal issues, to put it very simply & not say too much:-)  Her aunt passes away and Honey decides to finally take her advice & come out of her personal exile by moving to Sugarberry Island, where everyone is friendly & will accept her. Honey's aunt had similar issues to Honey but was able to deal with them and therefore never really lived a closeted life. Honey decides to sell her farm house and move to the island but once she arrives she finds that the shop she thought she inherited from her Aunt has been leased out from under her & is in the process of becoming an expansion of the local cupcake shop. Now she's stranded on the island with no where to go and a car that barely got her there that is holding most of her life's possessions. Luckily there's a auto shop right in town that she was able to get her car to & there she meets Dylan, sheltered & exiled in his own ways, who, under some resistance, becomes her savior of sorts.  Throughout you learn about the others on the island and root for Honey as she makes some decisions as to whether she should stay or go back to her life of exile, can she give up the new found 'sweet' life?? 

It's fun, there are some cute steamy moments but nothing too overly graphic. I totally say give this one a read!  Since it's not available to the public quite yet, check out books 1-3 in the meantime & sign up for pre-order of this one... works out nicely:-)

Here are books 1-3, you can click on them to get to the Amazon link & check them out (or check you local libraries, you just may find them there):

And now for a little fun find that sort of fits the theme.  If you are a lipgloss/chapstick fan and you have a fondness for sweet concoctions you should check these out...

I'm not the biggest fan of the 'Chap Stick' brand cause it's usually hard and the flavors aren't so tasty should you get them in your mouth.  What, people lick their lips... not that I purposely eat it or anything:-)  Anyways, I had to try these & I'm glad I did.  They are still harder than your average lip balms but they smell great and the taste is pretty good. I got these at Wal-mart if you want to try them be on the lookout for them in your area!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Totally Pauly

Recognize that dude??  That's Pauly Shore and I saw him on March 22, 2012.  He looked real tired but he was pretty funny.  We saw him at the Cinema Grill so we were right on the edge of the stage, I could touch him.  In fact the picture here was taken after he drank from my drink!  Yeah, it was a big ol' drink... I'll show ya....

It's in a fishbowl, and if I weren't trying to get rid of extra crap around the house I totally would have brought it home to put a fish or 2 in it! Not cause Pauly drank out of it either, I just thought it was funny that he did. He was a little fascinated by them but the place is known for these drinks. They actually come double the size & another lady was drinking one of those so he was pointing out that they came smaller and then he wanted a taste.

The Cinema Grill is a pretty cool little place.  They play movies also and you sit at tables where you can eat, bar/grill type foods, and have drinks, soda or alcohol, as you watch the movie.  Then they have nights like this where comedians come.  This is the 3rd comedian we've seen there & all seats are great but we've been up by the stage for all of them cause the ticket prices are very cheap:-) 

Pauly, was great.  He interacted with the crowd and good times were had by all. He had 2 shows and was coming from shows he had in Wisconsin so he's been going non-stop.  I'm not one that sticks around after a show to meet the person & get autographs and such so I never really pay attention to that sort of thing.  Autographs to me are a waste, who wants a signature? It's not like it can do much & who's to say it wasn't forged by you or someone else that isn't really the person the name belongs too??  I don't get that whole craze. I'll take a picture to share but to be fair I'll take a picture of just about anything to share so that's not saying much either. I also most definitely don't want to be in the picture myself! Anyways my point is that he didn't stick around after for those fans that like that sort of thing & some were pretty upset about that and said they'd never see him again. I guess if that sort of thing bothered me then I may be upset but not see him again??  If I thought he was funny then I don't know I'd go to that extreme.

What do you think? Is the fact that a person does or doesn't stick around to greet their fans a big deal to you?

Ok, the next fun show to share is Ralphie May on March 30th!  Well, it was on March 30th but it'll  be a few days for me to share... LOL...

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