Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Kerin!

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I hope your birthday is filled with much cheer
And of course, many pints of ice cold beer.
You are getting older but have no fear
Because age comes before beauty and there's beer!

May this day provide many laughs and smiles.
People celebrate in many styles.
But you my friend have survived life's trials
So you deserve beer, piles and piles!


Birthday poem for my friend, Kerin Hansen.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ash Cat

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Out in the wild I'd stalk my prey
But in this home it's hide or play.
I need to rest, go away!
It's hard to look so cute all day.

When you lie down do I bug you?
You like to snuggle I know you do.
I've brightened up your sad, blue hew
Now let me hide out from this zoo.

I'm incognito under here.
If you must you can come near
But like the panther I cause fear.
Ok I don't, I see your sneer.

I know I look so cuddly
But I'm the Ash cat don't you see?
 I have a rep to some degree 
But maybe one more petting spree.

This poem is inspired by the awesome snapshot my friend, Kerin Hansen, caught of her cat, Ash.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop, Look and Listen

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Nature in all its God given glory, 
Can be used up and left feeling whorey. 
Dull and worn out, just downright defeated. 
Losing its parts, its life force depleted. 

In comes the rain to provide it a bath. 
To give old and new a freshened, clean path. 
Self sustaining is what was intended 
But some damage needs help being mended. 

We walk the Earth just taking for granted 
All the beauty there is on the planet. 
Stop, look and listen, it’s what we’re all taught. 
Put it to practice or it’s all for naught.

The words were inspired by the awesome photo taken by Heather Kemp Jarosiewics

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