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Until I Break

Until I Break
Read May 19th-20th, 2013

This book I actually purchased myself and I had to move it up on the reading list because the author was getting so much negative feedback that she actually pulled it from the shelves, so to say.  M. Leighton, writer of some pretty erotic books, pulled this one & why?? The subject matter I guess. I didn't actually take the time to read reviews and such. I follow her on facebook & she posted that it was being pulled and I thought "Hmmmm, I bought that one not too long ago so I should check it out to see what the fuss is about." What did I find? Nothing any more touchy than some other books I've read. I did read some blog posts from the author after reading the book to see what she was thinking and you have to respect her for her view on things but it's sad that she was driven to the point where she felt she needed to pull a story that was pretty close to her heart & the heart of her artistic freedom. Needless to say, those that missed out.... well they missed out because it was a good read!

The main character is Samantha Jansen who is a well-know author that publishes under the alias of Laura Drake. She disguises herself whenever going in public as the author and lives vicariously through that 2nd self that she has created. In her own life she's very private, reserved and haunted. The genre that she chooses to write is romance/erotica and the books are pretty much her fantasies, until....

In walks Alec Brand, right into a book signing and all Samantha's fantasies in the flesh. Alec has his own secrets and haunts which find Laura Drake, aka Samantha, hard to walk away from. There's a darker side to Alec which he's trying to tame and part of him thinks that this woman may just be what the doctor calls for.

There's a twist in the read and if you are one to try to predict, it's pretty easy to predict it in this read. I myself am thinking that may be what got people in an uproar but you know what??  It's a book and it's happened in movies, which I do not believe have ever been threatened to be pulled because of it. Each person is free to voice their opinion of course and what may float one person's boat could sink anothers but really it's all up to you to decide if it's sink or swim. Sink in and enjoy it for what it is or put it down & swim onto another read more in your comfort zone that is;-)

What we have here is a story about 2 damaged souls that find each other and help each other take a path through life that may just find them some comfort and love. If given a chance, it's really a beautiful tale of healing... or the path to it. Sure you'll dislike Alec at times, hell... you'll dislike Laura at times but isn't that the way of most of these reads? There's always that push and pull, it's what helps keep you reading right? Well, if you didn't get a copy of this one before it was pulled then like I said... you missed out. If you did and you haven't read it then what are you waiting for??  

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