Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Virginity Mission

The Virginity Mission
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Mac is a 20 some year old virgin on a scientific expedition in the Australian rainforest. She's stepping outside of her comfort zone to push herself into opening up more and hoping that she will also find someone with a taste for cherry. Right from the start her lust is fueled by Jason, the Army sergeant that is there with his team to support the expedition. The problem is that everyone has been warned that fraternization between the solders and the students is strictly prohibited. You know what they say about forbidden fruit....

This is a very short and quick read, about 100 pages. It starts out with Mac's sighting of Jason and takes off from there. There is a little push and pull in the beginning but you pretty much get the idea from the start that Jason is as attracted to Mac as she is to him. Jason is in his 30's and much more experienced and Mac comes off quite naive but for being a complete story that's wrapped up as little time as it is, it's a good read. Check it out! 

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