Monday, June 10, 2013

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules
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Navy officer Joe Figueroa made a decision one afternoon to see a fortune teller and what he was told charted his course in life.

Susana Cigan, a true Romani with the gift of sight, worked in a shop by her Grandmother's side. At the young age of 13 she had one of her first readings and was taken aback by what it was that she saw.

It was during the chance encounter that Susana let Joe know that he'd meet the love of his life that evening. There was some attraction between the 2 of them & while Susana knew who the woman was, she didn't provide that detail. Joe leaves the shop with a renewed sense of his future and taking the reading as his guide; he meets a woman he believes is the love of his life and marries her.

The book jumps ahead to show that the marriage was anything but good & has now ended. The 'love of his life' was caught with another and so now Joe is once again single but rather than mingle, he's in search of the fortune teller that he feels is to blame for what's transpired. Once he finds Susana again however, he quickly learns that her prediction was true and it was his interpretation that was a little off.

This was a quick read and I haven't read a lot of books that get into the Romani/Gypsy culture so it was great to read some of that. It shows the hold that the culture has on their people and the struggles they go through to have their own individuality. At the core is the love story and it's a simple one but sometimes that's really all you need.

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