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Stealing Harper

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Before getting into the review too much on Stealing Harper I'd be remiss if I didn't say that you must read it's predecessor first:

Molly McAdams does an excellent job taking this novel, which is from the point of view of Harper, and condensing it down to Chase's point of view in Stealing Harper.

So let's recap a little. In Taking Chances we are introduced to Harper. She grew up on a military base, her mom died while she was young and dad raised her. Being that dad is a military man, her upbringing had quite a few boundaries and she couldn't wait to escape those by going away to college. Having grown up on the base Harper worked to save a nice nest egg and befriended the men that were under her dad's watch. Once she gets to college she is paired with Bree as a roommate and Bree introduces her to her brother Chase. Chase's house has a variety of dudes, including Brandon, and Harper feels quite at home being around them all. Harper is drawn to Chase and Brandon and has to make a decision on which to choose. Just when you think she makes her choice, she's drawn back to the other until the decision is pretty much made for her. 

Stealing Harper is from Chase's point of view. It's a quick read and pretty much just fills in what he went through as Harper was trying to make her choice. If you take a look at the info on the books you will see there is a final choice made & if you prefer to just jump in & not read too much about them ahead of time you will learn that the choice isn't quite what you think it is. I loved reading Chase's side of things because it made me remember what a great family he had. He's quite close to his parents and his sister and it was great to see him talk to his mom about his feelings for Harper and great to see that she gave him very sound advice. You also see how Chase was trying to push Harper away because he didn't think he was good enough but in doing so he pretty much tortured himself, her and those around them. Brandon sort of came in and scooped her up as Chase pushed her away and while that was happening Chase was pretty resentful and picked a lot of fights with Brandon. There is a lot of back and forth between the 2 of them and it strains their friendship quite a bit. I sort of feel like a lot of the fights that Chase picks with Brandon are more so because of the guilt and conflict that he feels over wanting to steal Harper away from his best friend when he feels like he really doesn't deserve her. There's a lot of sadness and heartache in the story because you just want them to work things out and just when it looks like they have something else happens to unravel things again. 

It's no secret that there is a death, a pregnancy and a lot of conflict and emotional trauma. Especially if you did read Taking Chances first. You can sort of predict what's happening before it happens though so for me, I escaped the trauma that a lot went through as they read the books but I still enjoyed them none the less. I was pretty much a Brandon fan after reading Taking Chances because he stands by Harper until the end. The more that I think about things, after reading Stealing Harper, I have to say that while I loved Chase more with the extra insight... I still liked Brandon more in the end. Brandon just seemed to keep his cool a little more when it came to the fights and seemed to have his life together a little more, or maybe his faith in himself was just a little better so that he wasn't always second guessing whether he was good enough or not for Harper. Harper, she had some tough choices but in the end she comes out richer from the experiences.  

Grab yourself some Kleenex and get yourself a copy of the book, or both books, and settle in for the roller coaster of young love. You may be a little tearier in the end but you definitely won't regret it!

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