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Life struggles sometimes provide the catalyst for some to make choices that provide them with better lives.... regardless of what some of those in their lives may think of said choices.  Erin McCarthy introduces us to this book with Rory, Jessica & Kylie dealing with the after effects of their night out partying. Rory is the naive college girl who is in her 20's and still a virgin. Jessica & Kylie are Rory's roommates and these girls live loose and fancy free but have nothing but love for Rory.

Rory's a smart girl who is studying to become a doctor and has always made the right choices in life but now she's contemplating losing the virginity. She thinks she's found the one to do that with, one that's a bit on the awkward side like her, however things do not go well with that decision. In walks Tyler to save her. Tyler has been around her group of friends for sometime, in fact he has a 'friends with benefits' sort of agreement with Jessica. Tyler isn't the boy next door but Rory soon comes to find out that below the inked up, tough guy exterior is a man that is worth her virginity and so much more.

Rory's a logical thinker, she goes through life making the logical choices. For this reason she has a tough time with literature and Tyler, he happens to excel in that area. The 2 of them begin to study together and so it begins. There are bumps in the road where you think they just won't recover and if we were dealing with characters of a different make up they probably wouldn't but logical Rory has a way of getting over the bumps and sometimes helping Tyler over some too. 

Their backgrounds and lifestyles are quite different and Tyler, he for sees his future to be destined and he's not sure that he wants to pull Rory into that with him. He's not sure either of them deserve that. Will he be able to push Rory away or will he look past that and hold on to her. Rory on the other hand decides Tyler is the one but keeps running into reasons that try to tell her she may be wrong. Will she listen to those, will she let Tyler push her away? There is a lot of heart wrapped up in under 300 pages of a quick, but well worth it, read. Pick up a copy, you won't be sorry.

There is even a hint of the next book, where we see Jessica move on to find a little love herself.

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