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Now You See Me

I love me some movies and in my lifetime I have paid to see oh so many, either on the big screens or through rentals and purchases. Now a days I have been privileged enough to get in on some free screenings that are often offered through different local groups & theatres here in Minnesota, who work in combination with the production companies of the movies. They basically do so to get the word of mouth out on the movie in hopes of bringing in the viewers once it's officially released. I figured I'd begin doing my share by blogging my reviews. Word of warning... I'm not a picky movie viewer nor do I have the memory to remember all the great lines and details so my reviews may be a little simple and lack luster but you'll get the gist of things. So here we go....

Free screening at the Mall of America on 5/16/13 ~~ Officially releases 5/31/13
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Now You See Me and boy do you see a lot of faces in this flick!  The main characters are:

Jesse Eisenberg ~~ J. Daniel Atlas
Woody Harrelson ~~ Merritt Osbourne
Isla Fisher ~~ Henley
Dave Franco ~~ Jack
Mark Ruffalo ~~ Dylan Rhodes
Melanie Laurent ~~ Alma Vargas
Michael Caine ~~ Arthur Tressler
Morgan Freeman ~~ Thaddeus Bradley

With exception to Melanie Laurent, who I guess I have seen in Inglorious Bastards but I'm not recalling her part at the moment, I'm pretty familiar with the actors. Enough to know that the parts they play in this movie are pretty much their usual fare, plus magic of course.

It’s a little difficult to get into too much detail on the movie plot itself without possibly giving away clues that may assist you in figuring things out so I will be staying away from that in my review. Instead I’ll give a broad, simplistic overview and then go through the characters to give you a little info on what their broader part is & what I did, or didn’t like about them.
In the beginning we are introduced to each of the 4 illusionists while they are in their element. You also see a hooded person in the crowd that seems to be watching along with us. At the end of each of their acts, or at some point near after, they are presented with a card that is a personal invite to an elite group amongst magicians. Each of them show up to the meeting point to be amazed and drawn in to a very well thought out plan for them to achieve, an initiation if you will.  Together they become the 4 Horsemen and magical hi jinx ensue. That’s all I will say about that for fear of giving away too much. Be prepared to be drawn in by the illusions though. This is definitely worth seeing in the theater, on the big screen, with all the sound effects and such.
Jesse, J. Daniel Atlas, was his usual neurotic self but I loved him in this part! He’s an ego driven character but then again, aren’t all magicians?? He comes off as a cocky ass but it’s fitting so I didn’t dislike him, in fact it made me like him all that much more in this movie. His skill is illusion and let me just say that he does a card trick in the beginning that I was pulled in by cause you of course pick a card along with the chic in the movie & I’ll be damned if he didn’t get it right!! He sort of becomes the leader of the magical rat pack and I’d have to say my favorite scene with him is when he’s in the interrogation room with Mark Ruffalo, the 2 of them are great together in their back and forth banter!

Woody, now who doesn't love Woody? Am I right, or am I right?? Ok, I'm sure some don't but I love him. He always brings the funny & definitely doesn't disappoint in his opening scene or throughout the movie. Woody is Merritt Osbourne, a one time famous mentalist/hypnotist who is trying to make a comeback. I'd have to say that his opening scene is definitely my favorite one of the movie. Well, that and also his back & forth banter with Mark Ruffalo in the interrogation room was pretty great.

Isla Fisher, Henley, is the escape artist and again I think her opening scene was her best one in the movie. There's a little tension between her Jesse's character, since she was once his 'assistant' so the banter is great, especially when it comes out as to why he let her go. She hangs with the boys rather well and definitely holds her own in all the action that takes place.

Dave Franco, Jack, he's a little of a 'jack of all trades' so the name is quite fitting. His awesome scene is a fight scene about midpoint in the movie when Mark Ruffalo's team finds their lair. Just when you are about to discount him as the runt of the Horsemen you are in for a WOW, one of the best fight scenes ever!

Mark Ruffalo, Dylan Rhodes, is the detective in hot pursuit of catching the4 Horsemen in their bank heisting antics. As mentioned previously, there are some great interrogation moments between him & Jesse and him & Woody. He also has his moments with Melanie's character, who becomes his unwelcome partner in the mission. He is on a mission to capture and bring down the guilty parties.

Michael Caine, Arthur Tressler, is the benefactor for the 4 Horseman and Morgan Freeman, Thaddeus Bradley, was once a magician himself but now he debunks the magic acts. Morgan is willing to assist whomever he can benefit the most from and Michael, well he is willing to collect from whomever he can. 

Melanie Laurent, Alma Vargus, is brought in by Interpol to assist Mark since the first bank heist that the 4 Horsemen pull of involves an European bank. She's a believer of magic and tries to help Mark Ruffalo see the joy in that.

I thought overall this movie had quite an original plot and it was fun to watch. Can yosit back and over analyze it to make it less than? Sure you can but why waste the energy when you can just sit back and enjoy it for what it is?  I definitely enjoyed myself and I would encourage one and all to go see it when it hits a theatre near you because I only hit the tip of the iceberg in my review, the movie will definitely take you on a magical journey!

I would say out of rating scheme of 1-5 popcorn buckets, I'd give this:

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