Friday, May 17, 2013

Family Pieces

Book was won through a First Reads drawing done by the author on Goodreads

It took me a while to get through this book but not because it wasn't good, only because I had the paperback version so I had a hard time fitting in that reading time. I'm so used to the versatility of the Kindle app that I find it harder to fit in actual paperback books now! I finally decided to buckle down though and once I really dug in I was hooked and made the time to finish up. Misa Rush had a way of drawing me in where even though I could predict a lot of it I still wanted to read more so I could just experience what they went through. So much emotion jammed into the pages.

Karsen Woods thought she had it all and that she knew where her life was going until that fateful day when a car accident began a chain of events that would turn her life upside down. Around Karsen's neck, at all times, is her cherished puzzle shaped charm necklace. This is her tie to her family as she is away at college. She's always been told that it was handcrafted by her Grandfather and each family member had one. They were made to fit together to show their strong family bond. She soon comes to realize that one of the pieces seems to be missing.  As things in her life continue to spiral she holds on to the curiosity of the missing charm.

Not all that far away we have Addison Reynolds. Living the high life as a successful magazine owner, but looks can be deceiving. She's guarded and leery of letting people in, which all stems back her family history. Relationships are a foreign concept to her and she is all about work. Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it though, even when it seems like things can't get worse.

Here we have a beautiful story that shows that even in those times that you think you are at your lowest, there are little charms in life that can be pieced together so you can sit back and appreciate the good too. 

This book is available now, click on the picture above to learn more about it and order a copy

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