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Bare It All

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I have to admit, I was a little excited that I was provided with a copy of Bare it All from Net Galley to read before it was available to the masses. I remember reading Lori Foster's books in the past and really liking them but this book reminded me that I didn't just like them, I LOVED them! Lori has a way of writing and weaving her story lines so that you are just drawn in and you want to soak it all up and then you just want some more. You know what, 9 times out of 10 there is more too! She takes the time to weave in a mix of characters that you get to know and love and then spins off another book in the series that is about each of those characters. 

With that being said, Bare it All is actually book 2 in the Love Undercover series and book 5 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. Yeah, here she's a wonder weaver.... 2 series wrapped in! Now, I haven't actually read book 1 of Love Undercover or any of the Men Who Walk the Edge series but I'm adding all of them to the list... that's right, ALL!  Here's a snapshot of the 2 related to this specific read:

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Product Details

The good thing is I didn't feel like I was missing anything from the story in Bare it All however I do want to know more about what lead up to where we take off in this book! I want to read more about Logan Riske and Pepper Yates... not to mention get some back story on Reese Baredon & Alice Appleton, who Bare it All focuses on. Run the Risk is book 1 to Bare it All.  Trace of Fever is book 3 in the Men Who Walk the Edge series and Alice & Trace cross over to the Love Undercover series from there.  

Bare it all starts out where I'm thinking Run the Risk may leave off. Reese is a detective who has unknowingly brought some work home. Alice is the unassuming neighbor that tries to keep to herself but notices the unsavory types that come uninvited so she steps in to call for help on Reese's behalf & pretty much saves his hide. Alice has a past, it's a shady past that's she's constantly looking over her shoulder for cause she's afraid it may just sneak up and grab her.... again! The 2 are drawn together in a story that intertwines their lives in more ways than just in the bedroom. Reese's rescued dog, Chase, has already won Alice's heart and now she struggles with whether she is worthy enough to win Reese's heart or not. Reese is your all around good guy that would do anything to help anyone, it doesn't hurt that he's attracted to Alice, with all her quirks, & she just so happens to need a little help. There's murder, suspense, intrigue and a love story all wrapped up in under 500 pages. Well, this particular story line is wrapped up, you'll have to tune in and check out books 3 & 4 in the Love Undercover series to see what comes next.  

Getting Rowdy is slated to come out this year yet. We'll read more about Rowdy Yates, brother to Pepper and wanna be saviour to Alice.... friend to Logan & Reese. Will he & Avery Mullins get together?? He's a new bar owner & he's making her the bartender, can't wait to see what's in the mix for them! 

Dash is slated for 2014, no cover available for this one yet... that may not even be the final title.  This one will focus on Dash Riske, the younger brother to Logan, who may or may not be having a fling with his brother's boss.  Alice suspects there's something there in Bare it All, there's some hints and maybe we'll see a little more of them in Getting Rowdy to wet our appetite for this one.
If you haven't read any of Lori's books yet then you should check them out, all of them that I've read to date have been quite addictive! I plan on catching up to read those I haven't as of yet!!

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