Monday, April 1, 2013

Totally Pauly

Recognize that dude??  That's Pauly Shore and I saw him on March 22, 2012.  He looked real tired but he was pretty funny.  We saw him at the Cinema Grill so we were right on the edge of the stage, I could touch him.  In fact the picture here was taken after he drank from my drink!  Yeah, it was a big ol' drink... I'll show ya....

It's in a fishbowl, and if I weren't trying to get rid of extra crap around the house I totally would have brought it home to put a fish or 2 in it! Not cause Pauly drank out of it either, I just thought it was funny that he did. He was a little fascinated by them but the place is known for these drinks. They actually come double the size & another lady was drinking one of those so he was pointing out that they came smaller and then he wanted a taste.

The Cinema Grill is a pretty cool little place.  They play movies also and you sit at tables where you can eat, bar/grill type foods, and have drinks, soda or alcohol, as you watch the movie.  Then they have nights like this where comedians come.  This is the 3rd comedian we've seen there & all seats are great but we've been up by the stage for all of them cause the ticket prices are very cheap:-) 

Pauly, was great.  He interacted with the crowd and good times were had by all. He had 2 shows and was coming from shows he had in Wisconsin so he's been going non-stop.  I'm not one that sticks around after a show to meet the person & get autographs and such so I never really pay attention to that sort of thing.  Autographs to me are a waste, who wants a signature? It's not like it can do much & who's to say it wasn't forged by you or someone else that isn't really the person the name belongs too??  I don't get that whole craze. I'll take a picture to share but to be fair I'll take a picture of just about anything to share so that's not saying much either. I also most definitely don't want to be in the picture myself! Anyways my point is that he didn't stick around after for those fans that like that sort of thing & some were pretty upset about that and said they'd never see him again. I guess if that sort of thing bothered me then I may be upset but not see him again??  If I thought he was funny then I don't know I'd go to that extreme.

What do you think? Is the fact that a person does or doesn't stick around to greet their fans a big deal to you?

Ok, the next fun show to share is Ralphie May on March 30th!  Well, it was on March 30th but it'll  be a few days for me to share... LOL...

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