Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legally Addicted

This book was provided to be by NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.  

This book takes place in Sydney, Australia but there isn't much about it that really tells you that, it's more about the overall trust and love that the 2 'Solicitors' find within each other.

Georgia Murray is a newly made partner in a law firm and the night of her celebration she takes her chances & has, what she believes to be, a one night stand with Brad Spencer. Brad is a fellow solicitor and will soon turn the tables on Georgia and mix up her plans for her life.

Brad Spencer is your average eligible bachelor that all the women want however he only has eyes for Georgia. She may be the one woman who can prove to him that women can see beyond his name and fortune. Georgia however has her past that will keep her from giving into her attraction so easily. Can she overcome her past to let the love shine in? Can Brad give her a chance to prove that she is more than just someone who wants him for what he can offer??  

This is a short read where the author, Lena Dowling, does a good job keeping you interested to see what it is in both of their pasts that can bring them together. You root for Brad to get through to Georgia and you want to smack her in the head here and there for some of the things she does, in effort to stay away from falling for him. James, you just gotta love James the butler. He's been with Brad since birth and James pulls no strings to tell Brad how it is. I'd have to say James was my favorite person in the book.

This book isn't quite available yet but will be around May 1st, 2013. It was a good little read, not a lot of legalese if that's not your thing.... it's all about the love story.

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