Thursday, April 4, 2013

Loving Every Minute of it

A picture of the empty stage with no lights..... a little blurry....

An attempted picture of Ralphie May.... after lights. What the heck!?! I tell ya, if I ever get a clear picture that will be a day to buy a lottery ticket! Anyways, Ralphie is who I saw on March 30th.  The dude is hilarious. You may remember him from Last Comic Standing but let me tell you, his live comedy is naughty, dirty & maybe even inappropriate.  It's not meant for you if you can't handle that sort of thing but if you can then definitely see him if you get a chance.  I laugh at the inappropriate cause life is just too short.  I may not agree with it or truly believe it but I can find the humor in it. Some people are just too serious or they just don't find certain topics appropriate to joke about.  They may even think the joking is just a guise for a person's true feelings. I guess I just don't look that deep, they are a comic it's meant to strike emotions and get a laugh and so I laugh if it makes me laugh.  Then again, my sense of humor is very, very warped:-)

Ralphie's opening act was Lahna Turner and she was awesome but, dare I say, more inappropriate than Ralphie was.  She joked about a lot of taboo things but again, warped sense of humor here & I loved it!

Again a very blurry picture so you can't even make out her face & wouldn't know it if you did see her... well, other than her name:-)  She is actually married to Ralphie, how cute... they work together. 

Overall it was a great show & he went for about 2 hours & I was loving every minute of it. He made it a point to explain to one & all that he purposely does that because he wants to give his fans their monies worth.  That's so awesome because the tickets for this show were very cheap in comparison to some.  He also stuck around after for the whole autograph & picture taking thing so those fans who need or want that sort of thing, he fulfilled.  I of course don't care about that so I was outta there... LOL!

All in all awesome show and I would definitely see him again! 

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Julie said...

I love that you get out and about and doing stuff and share it. It's awesome.
I hope you have a grand weekend.

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