Friday, March 22, 2013

Kid Rock & Seger!

March 15th was the Kid Rock & Bob Seger concert ya'll & it was awesome! I've seen Kid Rock before and I just love him so I couldn't pass this one up. It was a sold out crowd, I think it appeared fuller than Maroon5 was even, on March 4th!  If that's possible... it was  probably all in my point of view this time since I wasn't lost in that sea of heads on the floor.  I was first level this time & could see above the heads:-)  The pictures as you can see from the above aren't any better from that view however.  I kept trying though....

And then during one of his patriotic moments I got this shot, which is rather cool on the lighting but he's sort of still lost in the glow:

Kid Rock definitely puts on a great concert. Lots of energy and he has a wide range of musical talents. He has some awesome back up singers & his band & DJ kick some butt. I think I've been to 2 concerts of his before this one and I'd definitely go again. 

If he weren't enough, we then saw Bob Seger:

Dude rocked it also! He sang Like a Rock even... awesome experience was had for sure.  Next concert is P!nk.  I already know she will rock it!  Mostly cause it's already happened... I'm behind on my timely blogging:-)  How can she not rock it though, she's P!nk.... the ! in her name says it all;-)

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