Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Concert Fun

Guess where I was last night??  That pic up above tells ya but in case you need more clues, how about this one: 

Yep, as the first picture says, it's Maroon 5 & more importantly... according to most of the female persuasion (& some male I'm sure)... Adam Levine.  Now I should preface this by saying that I personally think the guy can be rather douchey but after watching the Voice & seeing him joke with Blake, Cee-Lo & Christina I found him to be sort of funny... but still a little douchey.  LOL!  I do like his music & lets face it, the man can sing. I'll admit he's not hard on the eyes, I love the tats & because of the Voice I've seen another side of him so I wanted to check out the concert. I went for the experience & it was pretty great, he puts on a good show & wasn't so douchey during it. He even took a moment to get up & personal with a fan who was celebrating a birthday, how sweet... let me tell ya, the ladies behind me just about melted from that sight. So my opinion of the dude is that while there is that douchey side, he's an ok guy with a great talent for entertaining & I'll never meet him personally so I can overlook the douche factor & enjoy the talent. So nice of me right, as if it makes his day or something... LOL!

Owl City & Neon Trees opened for Maroon 5 and the music the arena plays as they make you wait, before & in between the acts, was all kinds of fun so all in all it was a great night... that ended in a long wait to get out of the parking ramp, into the lovely March snowfall that we are always destined to have in Minnesota. That continued throughout the night & into the next day (pretty much all day). Gotta love Minnesota! 

Now, I can't seem to master the concert photo taking skills so I don't bring my camera anymore but I still try to get a few with the camera phone. I'm always so jealous of those around me with their phones that seem to be taking much better pictures, when they look like the exact same phone! I just don't have the skills I tell ya. We were close enough to see but not close enough for great photos & the lights are what intervene with my photo taking abilities.  I didn't get any good ones of Owl City but here's the best for Neon Trees:

That's the lead singer you see there but it could be your next door neighbor for as much as you can see in the photo... LOL!  I figured the name of the group on the screen there covers it enough.  Here's the best I could get of Adam in person, rather than on the big screen:

I haven't been blogging as much but I figure it's time to get back to at least blogging about the fun stuff so this qualified.  The next concert in line, for March, is Bob Seeger & Kid Rock. That should be excellent.  I've seen Kid Rock before & he puts on a great show so I couldn't pass up the duo.  After that, also in March, it's P!NK and that should be awesome also.  We'll see if I can get some better pictures for those, Lord knows I keep trying!

So that's it for today folks.  I leave saying if you haven't heard Neon Trees then check them out, they're pretty great. Owl City is from Minnesota & they too have some good tunes. If you don't know about Maroon 5 then you've been under a rock... joking, but check em out too then!  The picture that started out the blog actually ended the concert but before that it was all confetti & a different flag so I end today with that photo, enjoy:

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