Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making it Up....

Today I'm blogging about making up for a botched 5K. Yeah, I'm not sure what happened but before I knew it I missed it and ended up only doing 1/4 of a mile and ending up feeling like I collected goods for deeds not fulfilled! Here were the goods:

The walk was the MIA Art Dash. That's the Minneapolis Institute of Art and this took place on April 15th. Now it was advertised as a family fun run but I wasn't sure what that meant. Once I got there I found out that it was very family oriented, tons of kids so excited to get their run on! It was cute really and I was so jealous to see those youngsters get their run on! They were in it to win it and in all that excitement I never realized that I was supposed to join in with them. Yeah, it was a fun time regardless:-)

So I decided that I needed to do my own 5K to make up for this one that I botched so that I didn't feel guilty having a shirt for one I really didn't do. So I completed the 5K on 5/1/12:-) I walked to the gym from my house, taking a little round about way cause it's really only 2 miles from my house to the gym. Needless to say it wasn't my best time, I ended up taking an hour and 10 minutes! Not sure why, maybe waiting for stop lights and such to cross streets. I burned 344 calories but again I missed looking at the steps. I may stop including that since I keep forgetting... LOL! I ended up with 3.2 miles an then I biked 13! HOOTIE-HOO!!

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