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I'm joining Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... you should too!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers' choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

This week's theme is CHANGE! So here is what I have for ya....

There ya go, a big old pile of change! It's been weighing my purse down for a while cause I never seem to use it and I just keep adding to it. I went with an obvious right? I was gonna do the changing leaves thing but I figured this one would be almost too obvious so maybe I'd be the only one??  Guess I'll find out, LOL!  This change can also change shapes, did you know that?? Look.....

It's changed into art! I'm not sure what the deal is with the pictures here being different sizes being that they aren't altered and they were taken with the same camera.... guess the camera's view also changed:-)

For my blogger's choice I'm going with this favorite of mine:

Yep, it's another tattoo of mine. My lovely, artsy, cosmic dragonfly. It's one of my favorite pieces and it signifies CHANGE! I have much love for the dragonfly!  Change is actually only 1 of the things it signifies but for me that's a big one. In almost every part of the world it's a symbol of change and the change in perspective of self realization that leads to mental and emotional maturity. That's something I've been working on for all my life and I continue to do so.  Just cause I'm now 40 & the 'change' will hit me sooner rather than later doesn't mean I throw in the towel right?? I may need a towel for the hot flashes and such and then I'll throw it in the washer so it's not all smelly & stuff but no proverbially towels will be thrown!

That's my entry for the week folks. As always, click on the froggie above to check out the other entries, link one of of your own and come back next week when the theme is circles.

3 Unleashed voices:

Jenny said...

That is a great tat you have there.

I love the pile of change.

I think I might be able to deal with that wayyyy better than life change. Especially if there were a lot of quarters in the bunch.

Or some rare coins. ha!

Dazee Dreamer said...

love, love, love the tat. Pretty soon I will be adding another grandchild butterfly tat to my grandchildren garden. So excited.

I love the smiley face with your changed. Thanks for always linking up!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Great tat. I have two hidden tats, I'll leave it at that.

I always enjoy I Spy but I thought this weeks prompt was one of the best because change is so different for all of us.

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