Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Woman Rocks!

Not that we need to prove it but on September 1st, 2012 tons of women gathered to show just how much we rock! It was the Women Rock 10K for me and several others but there was also a marathon and a half marathon for those women that really wanted to show just how much they rocked!  

This was a walk, yes I walked, that I thought I was going to have to sit out on because my ankles and feet weren't doing so well but I did the practice walk and that went ok so I joined in on the fun after all:-) It was a lovely, sun filled day and the walk/run took place in St. Paul along the Mississippi River. That morning I got this beauty of a shot as the sun was coming up over the river

The Mississippi isn't the best river to check out most of the time but this morning it was pretty great. I was up at 5 a.m. to prepare and get to the starting line for the 7:30 a.m. start. So many women were there to participate and the vibe in the air was... well, it pretty much said WOMEN ROCK!  

The 10K itself wasn't too bad but my ankles and feet really didn't like being pushed. I was able to finish in 1 hour and 55 minutes though which was within my goal of completing it before the 2 hour cut off time! I started out with a couple friends but one is a runner so she was quickly moving up ahead and the other was on a mission to push herself as hard as she could so she ran a little and walked at a much faster pace than I could accomplish that morning. The 2 of them finished 10-20 minutes before me and someday... hopefully... my ankles and feet will allow me to get a time like that or better. In the meantime though I did complete it and at the end we were rewarded with our medal and champagne in a nice glass that was ours too keep & commemorate the occasion:

I always have this goal with these runs where I don't want to be the last to finish. With this one I was ok because I wasn't the last to finish in the batch of 10K women but we also had the marathoners & half marathoners that were coming up behind us so there were crowds of women that I completed with. That's good cause I wasn't the only one but not so good cause the women that I completed with ran double the distance in a lot of cases and many of them also passed me up as I was just trying to complete my 10K. Man, those women truly ROCK! Maybe someday I will be able to do more than 10K at a time but for now I'm good with what I've accomplished:-)

We were given quite a bit of stuff for this event. Up above you see the pink Women Rock jacket and T-shirt, along with the St. Paul Firemen Calendar for 2013 and a silver chain for my medal. I think I paid extra for the T-shirt and maybe the chain, I can't remember now cause I signed up so long ago... I may have received 1 or the other as a bonus for signing up as early as I did. We were also supposed to receive a Women Rock headband but they didn't have them in time so I guess those may be coming in the mail. As I mentioned we also got to keep the champagne glass. It was pretty well organized and there was a nice set up where everyone could enjoy their champagne and mingle. I however needed to head out and rest up cause I had another 5K to do in the evening!!

Yep, you heard that right... I did another 5K at 8:30 in the evening called the Glo Run!

This was just a fun run, in the dark of course so you got the full effect of the glo:-) I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it cause my feet and ankles were stressed from the morning but I wanted to get it done so I was on it. I have to say that I did take a short cut on the trail they mapped out so that I cut out about a mile of the 5K but in the end I made that extra mile up by the walk we had to do to our car since we got off the shuttle at the incorrect spot! LOL.... guess someone up above wanted to make sure I completed 5K that evening!

This run had fun stuff at each mile marker. There was black lights at the 1st and it was the only picture that really turned out so that one I'll share with ya now:

There was then a section where there were strobe lights, which were pretty freaky to make your way through but also cool. After that was a laser light show of sorts and then the final was a DJ disco party. This run is one of the first ones I saw where just about everyone had on the shirts provided, it was a sea of yellow:

You see a few orange in the crowd but those were volunteers or something so theirs glowed also. Look at all those peeps, and that was not even all of them! The trail was very congested for this run needless to say but it was fun.

Hey, in the parking lot I even found Waldo... in case you are ever in search of him:-)

All in all I believe I've proven that this woman ROCKS!

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