Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Space Invader


I'm joining Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... you should too!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers' choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

This week's theme is SPACE! So here is what I have for ya....

That there is... well some kind of bear (maybe brown) in it's man made 'natural' space. I took this picture this summer on a visit to the Minnesota Zoo. Unfortunately I had to snap the photo while standing behind 2 people who were hogging all the space to get a good view and because we are on the inside looking out... you see that little white spot on the poor bear's face from the camera flash. It's really a beautiful habitat that they've made for the bears to enjoy, it's a shame I had the space hoggers blocking it so that I couldn't get a better shot. There is even a volcano that erupts every so often! Regardless, it's one of my favorite zoo photos cause it's not often that I get to capture the animals at the Mn Zoo.... they have so much space to roam they are often hard to spot!

So there you saw some living space, man made 'natural' space & people hogging space all in 1 photo. Let's not let the fun stop there though... oh nooooo.... I've got more!

I love me some nature photos and these here are me invading space:-) You see last year I had to do some yard work and as I was hacking and cutting bushes and weeds to make a much nicer, cleaner, lovely, enjoyable space I came across these critters.

The first photo there are some grasshoppers. Now that bottom one was huge, the photo just doesn't do it justice! I'm not sure what the deal was but there were several coupled up hoppers hiding in the tree here that I ended up hacking away once I got them all out of the way. I kindly coaxed them into a more grasshopper friendly space, no grasshoppers were harmed while taking the photos or chopping down what I think was their mating space. 

The second photo is a nest of baby birdies that was nestled in the bush. Man, birds will make their nests in the darnedest spaces. Needless to say I invaded their space daily until they got sick of me and moved on to a greater space...known as the sky:-) They were pretty cute and I never harmed or touched one. I kept my distance, which is just space;-)

Wait, I have one more for ya... yeah sometimes I'm an over achiever:-)

This was the view outside my window from my cube at work for quite a while.  Spidy there was invading my space... eventhough we had glass between us. Actually that's what made it bearable. I'm not afraid of bugs at all, as long as they stay in their space and their space isn't on me without my saying so. This spider was huge and hung out for weeks and then all of a sudden one morning I came in & he was gone. Guess he packed up and moved on. That's what I choose to believe... we sort of bonded;-)

Ok, now for my blogger's choice photo. Last Sunday I went to the Jason Mraz concert at the Target Center. I had seen him in an outdoor concert last summer and loved it so I decided to checkout this indoor one this year and I loved it even more! The man can definitely sing and is so very clever with the wordplay.  Christina Perri opened for him and I wasn't very familiar with her but she has an awesome voice and was excellent! It's always worth the money to go to a concert where the artists are natural born singers and sound like they do on the radio, if not better! No amped up vocals for either of them, they were both awesome. Now there was a big stage where Jason Mraz and his band were all spread out but at one point they all gathered in a little corner space of the stage and did a few songs with minimal instruments. I was lucky enough to have excellent, 3rd row seats and was able to get a pretty good shot with the camera phone:

Sorta good right? Jason is sitting on the stool there in all his barefoot glory. He doesn't wear shoes during his concerts. He's all about being natural and green & stuff:-) I didn't actually take this photo, the boyfriend did. I had a tall dude in front of me who's head was right in the way of the view of Jason when I tried and the boyfriend is taller so it worked out better for him to snap it. It's a little blurry but all those stage lights make it so I never seem to get good photos. Anyways, you get the gist. I suggest that you see him in concert if he's ever in your area and you enjoy his tunage:-)

Ok, that's the end of the fun for this week.... but it doesn't have to be... you can always click on the froggie up there in the beginning to go check out the links to the other blogger's space photos. Come on, you know you want to get all up in their space to see what their view of space is:-) Then you should share some space of your own and tune in next week when the theme is PAINT!

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LL Cool Joe said...

Love your creative interpretations on Space! I couldn't come up with anything again!

Mad Mind said...

You have a great take on space! Nice set!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, the way I was looking at that spider, it looked like it was as big as a deck on that building and I was going to tell you, run for your life, you have big freaking huge spiders. Yikes. oh and those grasshoppers. naughty.

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