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I'm joining Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... you should too!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers' choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

This week's theme is PAINT! So here is what I have for ya....

Painted toenails. Cute right? I had a couple little visits to the nail salon to have someone else paint them for me.  Hey, you even get a shot of the tattoos there which is also sort of like painting huh??  No you say? Well I beg to differ and I have about 23 or so of them so maybe I'll share more of those another time when the theme fits better then:-) Ok, so on the trip of the toenails I also had the fingernails done:

Cute right? Yes, purple is my favorite color. Yes those are my real nails also:-) Ok and yest my fingers look mighty pudgy and old!  LOL!! Now the problem with getting the nails professionally painted is that it can be quite pricey and it doesn't last very long. Since they are my real nails the polish tends to wear off quicker than it seems to on the acrylic ones. So this past summer I decided to try some of the peal and stick, do it yourself, paint your nails kits:

Fun right?? There's the lovely bejeweled look and the peacocking look. How about that fancy ring there on the bejewled paint job? Nice match huh?? I'm not skilled when it comes to nails so I had a hard time getting used to the peal and stick stuff but once I got it down it wasn't so bad. You just stick it on and shape it. It's a sticker that goes right on your natural, or fake, nails. Again, the nails are all natural and were getting quite long. These sticker paints actually lasted a couple weeks. Now the directions say to remove it with nail polish remover when you are ready to take it off and I learned the hard way, or should say was reminded the hard way, that directions are meant to be followed. After peeling off the paint, rather than using polish remover, I pretty much ruined my lovely long nails. I had to cut them down to stubbins and now am letting them grow out the nail that was covered up. Peeling the paint seemed to take some layers of my nails or something, they chip and peel on their own now as they grow through their awkward recovery phase. It's so hard to deal with the stubbins now, scratching just isn't as rewarding as it once was! 

Ok, now for blogger's choice. Every now and then I am out and about in my neighborhood, or the neighboring neighborhoods, and I happen to see this vehicle:


Groovy right? Can you believe it's actually owned by a church group of some sort? I can't remember the name now but there was a little sign on the other side. Is it just me or do you wonder how the heck they got that twisted all up to have it tye dyed so nicely??  LOL!

Ok, now just for a little extra something I'm going to leave you with these:


It's like a painting in the sky:-) These are a couple shots I caught of the fireworks on 8/29/12 at the Mn State Fair. It was after the Motley Crue/Kiss concert. They turned out pretty good, I was surprised cause they are taken with my iPhone and I usually have bad luck getting good night photos. 

Ok, I guess I'm done for this week's paintapalooza. Do click on the froggie up above there to check out the other entries, link one up of your own and then tune in next ween when the theme is LOOK UP!

2 Unleashed voices:

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love, love, love the purple tipped fingernails. and not because purple is my favorite color too. I used to get my fingers and toes done. That was when I had a job. I really need to figure out how to get fireworks pictures. I can't seem to get them to work.

Mad Mind said...

I knew Dazee would love the purple tipped nails! And I love, love, love the van! Does that show my age? I think so. Just a little psychedelic.

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