Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Defunct Teaster

I've always found that I like the smell of coffee, any coffee really, but the taste I don't enjoy so much. This brings me to wonder why that is? You'd think if the smell is good then the taste should match right? Well, obviously the taste matches for some cause millions drink it and enjoy it so maybe my taster is broken. Then I think that maybe it's a conditioned thing and the people that say they enjoy it don't really or maybe, just maybe, it's their taster that's broken? I'm not sure which it is really but it's put me on a quest in life in regards to coffee.

Ok, maybe not a quest really but I have found that over the years I've kept trying to get myself to like coffee. Why, I'm really not sure. The caffeine does nothing for me, I don't really enjoy the taste, if I have too much I get heartburn, yadda yadda yadda. I think it's the warming, comfort of it when it begins getting cold. It's like hot cocoa, which also gives me heartburn... LOL! Anyways, I've tried lots of coffee and what I've come to find is if it's ice cream then it's in, if it's made by Caribou and it's loaded with all the sweet stuff that makes it taste like melted ice cream then it's in, if I try to make my own or it's not Caribou'd out then it's just not working for me.

So the moral of the story is coffee, smells great and tastes good when tricked out. Doesn't energize me, wake me up, or help me lose weight... in fact, because it's tricked out it's hinders the weight loss and makes me gain even. So now that it's getting chilly again and I'll be looking for warm beverages to take that chill out in the mornings, I think it's back to my search of a good tea to drink! Tea is much better for me, this I know. Again, it doesn't energize me or wake me up but this can aid in weight loss... or so it's said, when you drink the right kinds. The problem is it tastes like hot water with a hint of flavor that rarely tastes like what it should... or what I think it should. Sometimes it smells good but again doesn't taste so good to me. Which just brings me back to wondering if my problem is just a broken taster?? In regards to tea would that be a broken teaster?? ;-)

So the mission is to find some good tea before the cold gets colder so I have a remedy for the bone chills. Any suggestions?? On teas or how to fix a defunct teaster??

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deanna said...

I like most teas. I buy tea bags, because they are inexpensive, but I love tea from tea leaves. And use less fluff when I use real tea leaves. But... Have you tried chia tea's? I just pick some up today oh and some pomegranate tea too; there are so many different flavors out there. I am not to picky, but I do like my tea sweetened. During allergy season I sweeten my tea with honey. It helps. But the rest of the year I use sweet and low. Cheating I know. But I just can't drink it without it. :(

I am the same way with coffee, LOVE the smell, like it with "stuff" in it.

LL Cool Joe said...

I don't tea, which is unusual for a Brit. I only drink decafe coffee, and I don't like it much, but all the caffeine was giving me headaches.

Green tea is meant to be very good for you. ;)

Enz said...

Funny thing, I don't think I like coffee either as I only drink it with tons of cream - one day a freind saw me loading up my coffee with cream and asked me if I was drinking cream with coffee or coffee with cream!

My favourite tea is chamomille. I've drunk it since I was a little girl. It's calming and soothing but not in a sleepy way. I also like chai but I have to put lots of milk in it. Peppermint tea is nice too but sometimes the pepperminty-ness is a bit overwhelming. And of course, you can never ever go wrong with good old Darjeeling!

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