Thursday, August 23, 2012

Water, it's What's for Blogging


It's been quite some time since I've joined Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... boy how I've missed it!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

The theme this week is WATER.  I'm drawn to water for some reason. Maybe it's cause I live in Minnesota & it's the land of 10,000 (+) lakes or maybe it's cause it's pretty much all I drink. Either way it's rather weird being that I'm a Leo, which is a fire sign. You'd think water would be the furthest thing from my mind, cause that puts fire out right?? Maybe I'm a grease fire... cause I'm slick... yeah, that just doesn't sound good.... LOL!  I figure fire and water are both earth signs or whatever so it all works out in the end.

Anyways, when I saw the theme was water I immediately thought of waterfalls! I love them, I can't get enough of them! So that's what I share with you today:-)

Beautiful right??  The first one was taken in Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota.  Now like I said, I haven't joined up with this group in a while so these pictures are some older ones I've taken that I've kept in my archives and pulled out for this occasion:-) The first was taken about a year and a half ago when we went on a little 'up North' excursion to Duluth, Minnesota.  It's absolutely gorgeous up there, lots of nature to explore! 

The 2nd picture is a man made waterfall that's at Como Lake in Minnesota. I sometimes walk around that late and there is a little park area where there is this little man made pond & fall to sit by and enjoy.  I took that pic last year on an exceptionally hot day and I was so tempted to jump in! The water looks dirty there but that's just the cement under the water, the actual water is clean and clear. I walked around the lake with my pups and it's only 1.5 miles going around it once so I usually walk it twice but that day it was just too hot and my Min Pin plopped down and wasn't moving once I stopped to snap this photo. We rested a little and then went home to enjoy some nice air conditioning:-)

The 3rd picture was taken at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This one was taken in April of this year, the morning that I did a 5K in that area. It's a beautiful area that I keep meaning to go back to and explore but I never seem to make it there. Minneapolis has so many great parks and trails but I am so bad with direction that I'm too nervous to go for fear that I'll get lost in the city!  LOL!!  I live in St. Paul and we have lots of parks and trails also that I have yet to explore so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it:-)

Ok, so my blogger's choice photo is sort of sticking with the water theme also but here it is 

This is one of my most favorite photos that I've taken. I've been trying to capture a dragonfly because I love them and feel like they are my spirit totem or whatever you call that:-) This picture was taken in July as I was on a morning walk around Phalen Lake, here in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's a 4 mile walk when we walk around the little neighboring lake, called Round Lake. It was a beautiful sunny day and because the dragonflies are attracted to the water there were tons. I have a hard time getting a good photo since they are usually moving and they are fast little buggers! This one however decided to take a little rest and pose nice for me:-) I'm currently using it as my profile pic on Facebook cause I just love it and have to share it with everyone!  Read about the dragonfly and why I love them so here.

Ok that's my share for this week.  Sorry it's so wordy, it's been a while what can I say:-) Those of you checking this out, make sure you click on the pic & check out the other submissions and then post one of your own! It's fun... I swear... you don't even have to say anything, just the pics will do:-)

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Dazee Dreamer said...

All I can say is, those waterfall pics are amazing. I love, love, love the 3rd one. And how do you get such a great shot of the dragonfly? Wow. Thanks so much for linking up.

Enz said...

I love waterfalls. The city I live in now, Hamilton, is the Waterfall capital of Canada. Last summer I hiked and saw quite a few - haven't done any this summer ;(

Beautiful photos!

Mad Mind said...

Waterfalls are cool. I can't find as many here south of where you are. Yes, I'm in Wisconsin. Great set of photos this week and I'm glad you shared.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

love the pics of the waterfalls
and agree with Dazee abut the dragonfly...very awesome!!!

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