Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making it Up!

What you see pictured above there is the swag for the Lady's Speed Stick 5K, which I didn't actually make it to. The actual walk took place on 8/26/12 and the day before I was having a lot of issues with my feet and ankles again. The start time was very early and I didn't think I would be able to do it so I had to sit it out. It's hot and humid again in Minnesota and that causes my ankles and feet to swell quite a bit, which only lends to the issues I already have with them burning and getting sore. I also have a 10K to do on 9/1/12, for Women Rock, and thought I'd have to sit that one out too:-( 

As my inner conscious with have it however, I didn't want to give up on it cause it's going to be a fun one to do. My feet and ankles were feeling much better so on Tuesday, 8/28/12, so I decided to give the route for the Women Rock 10K a try and see if I could hack it on Sat when it's scheduled to go down. I figured if worse came to worse I could do at least 5K of it and count it towards the Lady Speed Stick one that I missed. Well, as luck would have it I completed the full 10K in 2 hours and 3 minutes! Not bad!! I should be able to knock it out on Saturday with no problem. I'll just have to amp it up a little on the speed and not stop for all the picture taking and stuff so that I come in under 2 hours since there is a 2 hour limit. We are greeted with firemen giving us our medals and champagne when we finish so I definitely want to finish in time for that!

Ok, so I did 10K and I'm counting it as my goal completion for the Lady's Speed Stick 5K... I'm allowed to make it up if I miss it right?? For myself at least, maybe not for their records but that's ok cause it's all about me and my accomplishments here:-) Oh, the swag for the 5K was fun. They actually had a Women's Expo where we picked up our t-shirts and bibs and  then got the goodie bag with the great reusable bag. You could then shop around at the various retailers that were there. I was able to get some great headbands from Punkeelove Headbands and Sweaty Bands, I love them! In the swag we got some pretzel thins, a mini white chocolate macadamia Luna bar, a mini Lady's Speed Stick deodorant and the chocolate flavored Gu Energy GelI haven't tried the gel yet but I am curious if it will do anything so maybe I'll break it out during the 10K when I do it on Saturday! 

I'm pretty excited that on 8/31/12 the Women's Rock 10K is having a Women's Expo also where we pick up our jackets & bibs and can shop around. Can't wait to see what fun I can find there. I'm hoping to find a water bottle where I can stow away my iPod or iPhone so I don't have so much to hold. I rather hold it then wear it around my wrist, arm or waist... for now anyways:-) Tonight on the docket is the Minnesota State Fair where I'm going to see Kiss and Motley Crue! I'm pretty excited about that also... hope to get a good picture or several that I can share in a later blog:-)

Since it was 10K that I walked & I only needed to make up 5K for Lady's Speed Stick I'm going to use the other 5K to make up for:

The Snail Run 5K, which happened on 8/18/12. This one I actually overslept the day of so I missed out and was going to walk that day and make it up but got busy with some other stuff. So I made up for 2 at once!!

Feeling good that I made up the 5K's and feeling good about completing the 10K on 9/1/12... HOOTIE-HOO!!

3 Unleashed voices:

Enz said...

Good on ya!

Debsdailylife said...

Great job rocking that 10K on your own!! And with all those people around you, youll, beat the 2 hour time limit!!
If you take the chocolate gu make sure you take it with water!! It gives me a belly ache if I take it alone.

Julie said...

YEAH!!! You are really doing awesome. Do you get all these t-shirts? The ones up here are just dull colors or white with printing, I like the ones you've had down there.
Hey, I read you are not suppose to try anything new on a race day. What happens if it makes you sick? Just telling you what I read.
Good luck with your upcoming 10K, I know you will do terrific.

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