Monday, August 13, 2012

Irish Zero-K's Were Real... Wish No More!

Another weekend over & it was an Irish Fair weekend also!  Now I am an all year round Irish, from my dad's side of the family, as opposed to the occasional Irish.... you know, those that are Irish on St. Patty's Day or during occasions such as the Irish Fair:-)  Anyways, this weekend was a time for everyone to partake in some Irish fun on the lovely Harriet Island, here in St. Paul, MN... the heart of where the Irish immigrated to it is said:-)  St. Paul that is, not Harriet Island itself... LOL. 

Ok, with all that blarney out of the way let's get to the important part... the Get Your Green on 5K and, just as you were wishing there were a Zero-K (you know you were), the Couch Potato Zero-K!  Every year the Irish Fair has a 5K on the morning of Saturday and this year's was changed up a little as far as the route and festivities surrounding it. The Couch Potato Zero-K, that was a new, and fun, addition. You see, the Irish Fair has a free admission and once inside you partake of free entertainment in the form of Irish dancers, Irish bands, Irish sports, Irish dogs, and Irish shopping and eating.  Ok the shopping and eating isn't free but that's where they try to make some money to pay for the free stuff and to keep it free in the future. The 5K, the money raised for that is also put towards keeping the fair free so the addition of the Zero-K was just another way for them to raise some dollars to put towards the keeping it free fund. Pretty creative:-)  Ok, so here's the scoop on the K's:

The Irish Fair has it's share of corporate and bar donors that provide sponsor the K's so we got a great shirt which you see above there with my bib.  The Get Your Green on 5K was at 9 a.m. on August 11, 2012. We showed up on Harriet Island, which is on the Mississippi River, and then we were shuttled over to the opposite side of the river where there are beauteous walking paths along the Mississippi. It runs along Shepard/Warner Road where we have the outskirt of downtown St. Paul on our left and the Mississippi on our right. I've been wanting to walk the paths and haven't quite made it there so this was a great 5K to check that all out. You see, we didn't actually walk the paths we walked in the street, which they blocked off, due to the number of people and the fact that they don't want to crowd the public who may be using the paths for their own walking/running experiences.  From the street though you see the paths, the areas around them, the river, and all... it was a great walk and an excellent day for it!  The weather was beautiful and sunny, not too hot and a nice breeze. After walking 5K's worth we were then shuttled back to Harriet Island however not on a bus via the streets like in the morning, nope... it was a boat and across the Mississippi we went! So we had a beautiful, scenic boat ride also to rest up and then once we were on land we got a free beer cause you know... hydration is important:-) 

I finished the walk in an hour and while I wasn't last, I was slower than I would have liked but unfortunately I'm still having issues with my ankle and the shin splints... or whatever they are. Sometimes they bother me and sometimes they don't, it seems to be the type of terrain I walk on and the speed as which I do. I hope I figure it all out so that I can continue to participate without the pain! I'm just happy I finished and got there in time to get on that boat:-)  Then I went home to rest up a little so that I could come back later to enjoy the fair and participate in the Couch Potato Zero-K!

Yep, a Zero-K! The Couch Potato Zero-K, cause we're Irish... we love potatoes:-)  Above is the great shirt we received for that. I had to show the back & the front cause it's just awesome. The bib there is 0 and that was every one's number. It was pretty awesome. This walk was at 4:30 in the evening so I enjoyed a little of the fair before and after it.  For this we were given a coupon for a free beer and the start was about 3 feet from the nearest beer tent.  The object was to walk, not run, to the beer tent to get that free beer when given the signal. We had the opening ceremony of bag pipes and then we were off and as we crossed the finish line we were provided with a bag of potato chips to go with our beer.  That's all there was to it!  Now I cheated a little and had my beer before the walk, I just felt it was a little more fitting... LOL.  The potato chips... I was a little leery of that cause we were couch 'potatoes'... by giving us 'potato' chips isn't that sort of like promoting cannibalism??  LOL!

The good thing is that the fact that my ankle and shin were bothering me from the morning's 5K wasn't a problem for this Zero-K and we had beautiful day for both walks and the fair itself. It was definitely a fun filled day.  The bad thing is that I had a 5K for Sunday morning scheduled also but because the ankle and shin still hurt to much I had to skip that so that I wouldn't make it worse.  I've got to figure something out cause I've got 5K's each weekend for a while, sometimes 2, and a 10K coming up... with a 5K in that same day, later in the day, man!  I leave you with the great sign that welcomed us to the Couch Potato Zero-K & the question of, what fun & different runs/walks have you done or heard of in your neck of the woods??

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