Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm a Dirty Girl....

Yep, I was dirty alright! The Dirty Girl Mud Run was my last of the obstacle type 5Ks for 2012. This one took place on August 4 at Welch Village Ski Resort and I have to say that it was the easiest of the 3 that I did but only because the obstacles were pretty much just crawling through mud, there were still hills... lots of hills.... muddy hills:-)

This day was a dreary and cool day with the occasional sprinkle. It had rained pretty hard the night before so all the trails were nice and muddy. Well, not so nice really cause that made them very slippery in some spots but I didn't fall once on this 5K, which is a miracle! In comparison to the Zombie Run & Go Commando (which I blogged about earlier so click on the names if you want to check those out) this one had the easier obstacles and was more laid back with lots of walkers so the hills didn't feel quite as challenging. Wait, that's not right... they were still challenging but not as difficult to keep going without wanting to turn back:-)

As the name entails this run was pretty much for girls only but we did spot the occasional guy or 2. I think those guys got a little surprise in the end when they found out that the clean up station was for girls only... wonder how they got all their mud off?? LOL! The challenge in this run was pretty much staying upright walking through the muddy trails, well that was my challenge anyway. The obstacles were a lot of muddy water that you climbed through, there were about 4 or 5 of those and they had ribbons strung across at various heights so that you would get various shades of muddy. We did climb some hay bails, made out way through a boobie trap like field of string, walked/ran through tires, dodged some swinging tires, had a wooden wall to climb (rather than hurdle) and a rope net to climb up and back down (after hoisting yourself over). I skipped that wall climbing because the shoes were quite slippery from the mud, the wood to climb was slippery when wet, and the little stepping areas were quite narrow so it was just begging for me to break something:-)

See, not as hard right? It was fun though and I would do this one again next year. I did this with a friend and we both made it through without any incident however there seemed to be quite a few people who did hurt themselves during this one, maybe they slipped on all the mud?? 

Of course this one ended with a crawl through tons of mud, as you can see:

There I am, in the purple, getting in & getting out. I was actually not too muddy in the end, much muddier on Go Commando since we really had to get down in the mud. This one I could crawl so as you see the upper half isn't too bad. My friend's hubby snapped the photos and as much as I don't like photos I posed for this next one... you know, for posterity's sake:

There I am, in all my Dirty Girl glory. Of course I figured since I look awful in pictures why not make a goofy face & look worse?? LOL! My eyes, they never stay open when I just wing it and don't remember to focus on trying to keep them open. They are so sensitive! We were provided with a medal at the beginning of this run rather than the end. I figure it's just easier that way since there were so many people, those running and those watching. Oh, I almost forgot... the clean up. Man was that water ICE COLD! Because the day was rather cool and the sun wasn't out that water was just frigid. The clean up and changing is the worst part and I actually forgot a clean pair of pants! Yeah, I won't forget those in the future cause wearing the wet ones home wasn't so fun. I leave ya with a pic of the medal, don't mind my dirty towel that it's posed on:-)

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deanna said...

Way to go... That almost looks like fun.

Betty WSch. said...

Wow! You are a brave one. I'm sure if I had a friend to join me I'd do it too, because you probably got a lot of laughs!
You look great!!

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