Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Lived to Tell the Tale....

I'm trying to catch up on blogging out my 5K experiences so this blog today is about the Run for Your Lives 5K, which I like to call the Zombie 5K for short:-)  This 5K took place on June 14, 2012 at the Spring Creek Motor Cross Park in Millville, Mn and it was ridiculous! Ok, ridiculous as I was doing it cause the hills were crazy, steep and long. Being that it's now August and I've done 2 other obstacle course type runs like this I can safely say that the hills were steeper and longer than any other which is saying something since the other 2 were at ski parks/resorts. Yeah, I'm sticking with this one was ridiculous.... in a good way... now that I'm done:-)

This was my first ever obstacle course type 5K and it involved mud, lots of it, so they are generally called mud runs.  There were a dozen or so obstacles to conquer, not to mention several long and steep hills along with zombies that wanted your brains. Ok, they wanted the flags really and those signified your life. Here is the deal; above is the shirt we were given and at the top you see the medal for completing it but to the left is an example of one of the flags. We were given a belt with 3 flags on it and if you made it through to the end with at least 1 then you were considered alive but if you had none then you were the living dead. As you see, I had 1 left. It's a miracle and I'm still not sure how I accomplished it... other than I had a red shirt on during the run and it could have gotten camouflaged by that??  I usually have the bib with my number on it in my picture also but I lost that somewhere in the mud so that's why it's not shown here:-)

We had a great day for this run, the sun was out and it was warm but not too hot. I definitely worked up a sweat but there was a lot of water & mud to help keep that in control. The zombies, yeah.... they were volunteers that were professionally made up to appear zombie like. They weren't allowed to touch but they did try to make a grab for your flags. In the beginning they were just there but as you progressed through the course they got more aggressive in going for those flags, all the while no touchy touchy.  The overall course was a 5K and I'd say 1/2 of of it was an up hill battle.  Being that it's a motor cross park, these were some uneven and rocky dirt hills and they were nuts!

We began by going uphill, into the woods. A rocky, dirt path that was unkempt and possibly dangerous had you lost your balance. I made it through, without falling even! I'm a bit of a klutz and I did fall once I slid down the mud hill, bypassed a hurdle that I couldn't heave myself over and ran over a few mounds... fell after said mounds, lost my balance coming down:-)  I later found out that I fell pretty hard, which is why a zombie broke character to make sure I was ok and to tell my I was a rock star for continuing on.  At the time adrenaline masked the pain I guess... LOL! 

After that it was going over more mounds then through an abandoned house (like creation) that had electrically charged wires hanging all over, as you walked through water. The wires were easy to bypass, thank God, so no zappy zappy for me. Next was monkey bar across a tank of red water with some junk in it, you know... so it appeared like bloody water with pieces of body.  Hanging from the bars were plastic intestines, lovely right?  LOL!  I knew that I couldn't make my way across the bars so I jumped in the water to walk across & then was heaved out my 2 Army dudes. Not a bright & shining moment! Next was a maze with zombies around several corners, then more mounds and crawling through a big, cement tube that had water & mud in it.
More walking and then we had to walk in a stream for a while... about knee high.  The water actually felt pretty refreshing and I could wash off some mud, SCORE!  Getting into the stream I lost my first flag since the zombie blocked the one entrance to it & I was the only one going through at the time.  At the end of the stream walk there was a snake like trail of wooden triangles to crawl through before you could exit the stream & get back on land.  It was here that I realized that I banged up my leg pretty bad when I fell back in the beginning cause it was pretty painful to make it through since the sand in the water was pretty much all rocks. I made it through and then had a long walk until the next obstacles. The next few obstacles involved climbing up a wooden ladder, walking over a log bridge, climbing up a muddy, slippery dirt hill using a thick rope to keep you upright, more walking over many hills and mounds, and zombies galore... where I lost my 2nd flag, and then this....


This was by far the biggest slide out of all of the mud runs. I just wish the picture showed how truly large and long this was!  That's me coming down, a friend snapped it. It's a water slide and it was steep so I was nervous for that & the landing, which was into a big muddy pit of water! Yeah, it was about 4 feet deep and cold... and muddy. It was also very hard to climb out of but once you did there was one more obstacle to complete before you were done:

Looks easy & innocent right? It wasn't, that fence I'm crawling through wet mud under is electrically charged (yes that's me) and I wasn't so lucky not to hit it a few times. It didn't hurt but you got a shock alright. Once I made it out of there I was done and free to shower off. This mud run had one of the better washing stations also, must be because it's a motor cross park where people can get quite dirty. 

This mud run was fun overall, the best obstacle I'd have to say was that slide... even though you ended up in muddy water, but during the whole thing I was just wishing it were over cause those hills were torture! LOL!!  I've been keeping track of all the 5Ks that I do this year so that I can pick and choose which ones I would like to do again next year (& save money by only doing those that I enjoyed while walking my own 5Ks for free to make up for those that weren't quite as fun) and I have to say that this one I am feeling I don't want to do again.  LOL... unless they change where it's at or I lose my mind and can't remember that those hills were crazy. The friend who took the pictures had to step out during after the first round of hills because it was her first 5K for the year and her asthma couldn't take it so she wants to do it again next year and wants me to do it with her. At this point I told her I'd come to cheer her on but I'm not sure I want to do it again, I conquered it once and that's enough for me for now... although, maybe by next year I'll want to see if it's as tough cause hopefully I'll be in even better shape by then... hmmmm;-)


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Julie said...

All your races have sounded awesome. I love that you are sharing them. I wish we had more of them up here. I wish the cities weren't so far away at times.
I'm proud of you for doing these even though your hurt. I know it's hard, I did mine Saturday while in pain but did it anyways. You are awesome!!
Keep it up. Take care and have a blessed week!

Finallyforme said...

Yes....you HAVE to do this one with me next year!! I think my daughter and son may join me also!

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