Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Went Commando!

No it's not a euphemism for not wearing panties/underwear:-)  It's another blog catching up on what 5Ks I've been keeping myself busy with. So yesterday I blogged about the Zombie Run (click on that to check it out) and now it's Go Commando, which was 6/9/12... a week after the Zombie Run.  This was my 2nd mud run for the year and after the Zombie Run it was pretty much a piece of cake! 

This one took place in Stillwater, Minnesota. I'm not sure of the name of the actual place because it's sort of private land but it's used for regular and cross country skiing. There were a few steep hills but not as bad as those I conquered during the Zombie Run. This one was a 5K with about a dozen obstacles and a lot of dirt with a vat of mud at the end! There was a foam area in the end and then we were sprayed off by firemen, with fire hoses, when all was said and done. So here's what it all entailed...

It was a great, sunny morning. The run was on a mix of grassy, uneven land and hilly dirt or flat dirt land... along with cutting through a stream and then a dip in tons of mud. The beginning was a lot of walking/running and it was the grassy area with a mix of hills and flat land. Right before the first obstacle, climbing over hay bails, I stepped in a hole or something and twisted my ankle. Boy did it hurt! I thought I was done and shook it off enough to try to walk on it. Just as I was ready to veer off course and quit though, my ankle said "No, no... I'm OK, you keep going!"  Ok, maybe that was just my head or that inner warrior saying it be none the less I thought all was good & I climbed those hay bails! Later I discovered it was the adrenaline that kicked in again cause my ankle was quit sore after it wore off and to this day it's still weak (although it's been sprained so many times it's always weak really).

Once I made it through the hay bails I figured I could do it so I continued on. There was a bunch more walking and then we cut through a stream, which I didn't end up falling in thank God cause it was pretty mossy & gross. The water was about knee high and cool but as mentioned before, gross... LOL. There was more walking, which I'll skip now in my descriptions so you can just assume that it continued to occur between each obstacle:-) and then we had some tables to climb over. They weren't really tables but that's what it looked like. You could go over or under, I went over. The next obstacle was the dang hurdle's, of various heights. Again, I had to skip that because I still can not hoist myself up those so around I went and on to tackle some steep up hill battles (but not as steep as the Zombie Run:-).  Once I got to the top of the last steep climb there was a lovely water mist that we got cooled off with and some water to drink, much appreciated after the climb. We were now on dirt trails and the next obstacle was crawling under this huge tarp and I thought it would be mud underneath but nope, just dry dirt. I was a little damp from the misting earlier so some stuck but this was the halfway point & I was still pretty clean & dry, by this time in the Zombie Run I was muddy & wet!  The next obstacles were some hilly mounds that we had to go over and then we walked a log and leaped into a hole that was filled with (what appeared to be) the foam from the inside of couch cushions. Or wait, maybe that was on the Zombie Run??  See what happens when I don't blog about these things right away! LOL! Either way, it was completed at one or the other:-) Then there was more walking/running which went through a tree filled area and there were snipers hidden that shot you with squirt guns that were filled with orange water. I was hit several times... LOL!  It was ok though cause next was the fun part:

The water slide! The first picture there my boyfriend took as I was going down so that's me. The 2nd one I took after I was done just to show another view. This slide was much shorter than the Zombie Run and you didn't fall into a pit of muddy water. It just ended and you got up and continued on to climbing a rockier type hill, doing some more running/walking, climbing over or under some big wooden spools, jumping over a little fire and then at the end this:

The mud crawl! Now this mud was deep, thick and sucked ya in. These are pictures that I took after I was done and cleaned up so they aren't me of course but I wanted to show what it looked like. As you see there are those barbed wires you have to crawl under and they weren't charged at all so no zapping thank goodness cause I may have been fried at the end... LOL! Once you got down in there it was a chore to get through it since the mud was like a suction device and just wanted to hold you in one spot. I made it through and let me telling you, it wasn't so easy getting back upright and walking out of there in the end! Not only was the mud so deep and unsteady, along with the suctioning that didn't want to let go, but your arms and body are just tried from making it's way through that there wasn't much strength left to struggle with that mud and free myself! Of course I did and then I was presented with my medal:

The medal is shown in the beginning also, along with the T-shirt and bracelet we were provided with... and my bib number, which I managed to keep throughout this time (unlike the Zombie Run where I lost it at some point). This course I managed to complete in 48 minutes which is an all time best for me so I have to think that maybe it wasn't a complete 5K cause how else would I finish it faster than a regular 5K where I don't twist my ankle & have obstacles?? I was pretty proud none the less and then I wend to check out this:

Oh the wonders of foam. Now I've never been in a foam party or anything so this was new to me and much dryer than I expected. It was also a little hard to breath cause the foam wanted to take over. The pics I'm not in cause I took these after just to show ya but this is where everyone went before heading over to be hosed off.... I didn't get pictures of that but I should of! 

All in all this was a fun one to do and unlike the Zombie Run, I wouldn't hesitate to do this one again next year cause it was pretty easy in comparison:-)  

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