Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heat in Your Eye


I'm joining Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... you should too!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers' choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

This week's theme is HEAT! So here is what I have for ya....

Being I live in the good old Midwest, Minnesota to be exact, you don't really think we like heat in our food here right? I mean we're the land of the hotdish for gosh darn's sake! Yeah, well some of us need more heat in our hotdish than that used to cook it.... if you know what I mean:-) Enter in hot sauces, to bring on the HEAT!! What you see in picture one was taken last night at the Minnesota State Fair (which had a whole other heat of it's own going on weather wise I must add:-).  Anyways that's the Caribbean Heat booth that's located in the International Square Bazaar there at the fair. I love that place, the Bazaar that is. I've never really purchased anything from Caribbean Heat but they have tons of heat filled choices for those who like all levels of heat. I myself am usually too hot at the fair to be thinking about adding more heat to my food. For those of us that need a little 'cooler' shopping experience for our heat I offer you picture number 2... Pepper Palace! That one is located in the lovely Mall of America. They are available year round and can fulfill all your heating seeking needs I'm sure:-) I love the pepper in the sign... he's looking quite sassy... or would that be saucy?? 

Ok, my fun bloggers' choice pics were also taken at the Minnesota State Fair last night. You see, it was my 2nd visit so far and last night it was to see Kiss & Motley Crue in concert! Motley Crue went first and I didn't get any immediate gratification photos of them (a.k.a. taken with the iPhone so I can easily upload) but I did get some on the camera so eventually I'll share some of those. In the meantime I did get one of Kiss that turned out well enough at the finale....

I like the lighting in the pic but if I zoomed any closer, so you could see Kiss better, then everything was too blurry or bright from all the lighting. It's kind of a cool picture and it sort of fits the heat theme cause trust me, they were all very sweaty & heated up during their performance! I did get some better pictures of them also on the camera so again... I may share some of those at a later date.  After the show there were fireworks of course cause every night at the fair is ended with fireworks dontchaknow! So I leave you with a shot of the firework finale....

Hope you didn't get too much heat in your eyes... you need them to check out the other bloggers' posts... go on, get to it! Next week's theme is buttons so tune in to see what there is to see then:-) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making it Up!

What you see pictured above there is the swag for the Lady's Speed Stick 5K, which I didn't actually make it to. The actual walk took place on 8/26/12 and the day before I was having a lot of issues with my feet and ankles again. The start time was very early and I didn't think I would be able to do it so I had to sit it out. It's hot and humid again in Minnesota and that causes my ankles and feet to swell quite a bit, which only lends to the issues I already have with them burning and getting sore. I also have a 10K to do on 9/1/12, for Women Rock, and thought I'd have to sit that one out too:-( 

As my inner conscious with have it however, I didn't want to give up on it cause it's going to be a fun one to do. My feet and ankles were feeling much better so on Tuesday, 8/28/12, so I decided to give the route for the Women Rock 10K a try and see if I could hack it on Sat when it's scheduled to go down. I figured if worse came to worse I could do at least 5K of it and count it towards the Lady Speed Stick one that I missed. Well, as luck would have it I completed the full 10K in 2 hours and 3 minutes! Not bad!! I should be able to knock it out on Saturday with no problem. I'll just have to amp it up a little on the speed and not stop for all the picture taking and stuff so that I come in under 2 hours since there is a 2 hour limit. We are greeted with firemen giving us our medals and champagne when we finish so I definitely want to finish in time for that!

Ok, so I did 10K and I'm counting it as my goal completion for the Lady's Speed Stick 5K... I'm allowed to make it up if I miss it right?? For myself at least, maybe not for their records but that's ok cause it's all about me and my accomplishments here:-) Oh, the swag for the 5K was fun. They actually had a Women's Expo where we picked up our t-shirts and bibs and  then got the goodie bag with the great reusable bag. You could then shop around at the various retailers that were there. I was able to get some great headbands from Punkeelove Headbands and Sweaty Bands, I love them! In the swag we got some pretzel thins, a mini white chocolate macadamia Luna bar, a mini Lady's Speed Stick deodorant and the chocolate flavored Gu Energy GelI haven't tried the gel yet but I am curious if it will do anything so maybe I'll break it out during the 10K when I do it on Saturday! 

I'm pretty excited that on 8/31/12 the Women's Rock 10K is having a Women's Expo also where we pick up our jackets & bibs and can shop around. Can't wait to see what fun I can find there. I'm hoping to find a water bottle where I can stow away my iPod or iPhone so I don't have so much to hold. I rather hold it then wear it around my wrist, arm or waist... for now anyways:-) Tonight on the docket is the Minnesota State Fair where I'm going to see Kiss and Motley Crue! I'm pretty excited about that also... hope to get a good picture or several that I can share in a later blog:-)

Since it was 10K that I walked & I only needed to make up 5K for Lady's Speed Stick I'm going to use the other 5K to make up for:

The Snail Run 5K, which happened on 8/18/12. This one I actually overslept the day of so I missed out and was going to walk that day and make it up but got busy with some other stuff. So I made up for 2 at once!!

Feeling good that I made up the 5K's and feeling good about completing the 10K on 9/1/12... HOOTIE-HOO!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Water, it's What's for Blogging


It's been quite some time since I've joined Dazee Dreamer, from Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams, & Christy, from My Mad Mind, in their I Spy picture blogging fun.... boy how I've missed it!  Each week there is a theme that you provide a photo, or photos for, and it's as creative as you want it to be with that theme. There is also a bloggers choice photo op where you just share whatever your heart, or camera lens, desires. Your photos don't have to be professional, just capture what you think fits the theme & blog about it. You don't even need a camera per say, use the one in your phone.... everyone has one of those now a days right??  You then link up with the group each week to share your view. You can click on the cute froggie pic up there to be brought to the blog. Also, check out Christy's & Dazee's blogs, they always have some fun and creative stuff.  Ok, on with the picture show.....

The theme this week is WATER.  I'm drawn to water for some reason. Maybe it's cause I live in Minnesota & it's the land of 10,000 (+) lakes or maybe it's cause it's pretty much all I drink. Either way it's rather weird being that I'm a Leo, which is a fire sign. You'd think water would be the furthest thing from my mind, cause that puts fire out right?? Maybe I'm a grease fire... cause I'm slick... yeah, that just doesn't sound good.... LOL!  I figure fire and water are both earth signs or whatever so it all works out in the end.

Anyways, when I saw the theme was water I immediately thought of waterfalls! I love them, I can't get enough of them! So that's what I share with you today:-)

Beautiful right??  The first one was taken in Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota.  Now like I said, I haven't joined up with this group in a while so these pictures are some older ones I've taken that I've kept in my archives and pulled out for this occasion:-) The first was taken about a year and a half ago when we went on a little 'up North' excursion to Duluth, Minnesota.  It's absolutely gorgeous up there, lots of nature to explore! 

The 2nd picture is a man made waterfall that's at Como Lake in Minnesota. I sometimes walk around that late and there is a little park area where there is this little man made pond & fall to sit by and enjoy.  I took that pic last year on an exceptionally hot day and I was so tempted to jump in! The water looks dirty there but that's just the cement under the water, the actual water is clean and clear. I walked around the lake with my pups and it's only 1.5 miles going around it once so I usually walk it twice but that day it was just too hot and my Min Pin plopped down and wasn't moving once I stopped to snap this photo. We rested a little and then went home to enjoy some nice air conditioning:-)

The 3rd picture was taken at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This one was taken in April of this year, the morning that I did a 5K in that area. It's a beautiful area that I keep meaning to go back to and explore but I never seem to make it there. Minneapolis has so many great parks and trails but I am so bad with direction that I'm too nervous to go for fear that I'll get lost in the city!  LOL!!  I live in St. Paul and we have lots of parks and trails also that I have yet to explore so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it:-)

Ok, so my blogger's choice photo is sort of sticking with the water theme also but here it is 

This is one of my most favorite photos that I've taken. I've been trying to capture a dragonfly because I love them and feel like they are my spirit totem or whatever you call that:-) This picture was taken in July as I was on a morning walk around Phalen Lake, here in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's a 4 mile walk when we walk around the little neighboring lake, called Round Lake. It was a beautiful sunny day and because the dragonflies are attracted to the water there were tons. I have a hard time getting a good photo since they are usually moving and they are fast little buggers! This one however decided to take a little rest and pose nice for me:-) I'm currently using it as my profile pic on Facebook cause I just love it and have to share it with everyone!  Read about the dragonfly and why I love them so here.

Ok that's my share for this week.  Sorry it's so wordy, it's been a while what can I say:-) Those of you checking this out, make sure you click on the pic & check out the other submissions and then post one of your own! It's fun... I swear... you don't even have to say anything, just the pics will do:-)

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Worm Whisperer

tree of life Pictures, Images and Photos

If you open a can of worms
don’t be afraid to pick them up.
They may be dirty and full of germs
but so is a fuzzy, cute pup.

There’s squirming and slime to handle
but it all comes out in the wash.
You can’t smash them with a sandal
cause that has no style or panache.

You should never just run away,
leaving others to clean up the mess.
Just start gathering with no delay
to prevent any future stress.

If you put them in a brand new home
where they can be happy and free
They can prosper and thrive as they roam
fertilizing the soil of life’s tree.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm a Dirty Girl....

Yep, I was dirty alright! The Dirty Girl Mud Run was my last of the obstacle type 5Ks for 2012. This one took place on August 4 at Welch Village Ski Resort and I have to say that it was the easiest of the 3 that I did but only because the obstacles were pretty much just crawling through mud, there were still hills... lots of hills.... muddy hills:-)

This day was a dreary and cool day with the occasional sprinkle. It had rained pretty hard the night before so all the trails were nice and muddy. Well, not so nice really cause that made them very slippery in some spots but I didn't fall once on this 5K, which is a miracle! In comparison to the Zombie Run & Go Commando (which I blogged about earlier so click on the names if you want to check those out) this one had the easier obstacles and was more laid back with lots of walkers so the hills didn't feel quite as challenging. Wait, that's not right... they were still challenging but not as difficult to keep going without wanting to turn back:-)

As the name entails this run was pretty much for girls only but we did spot the occasional guy or 2. I think those guys got a little surprise in the end when they found out that the clean up station was for girls only... wonder how they got all their mud off?? LOL! The challenge in this run was pretty much staying upright walking through the muddy trails, well that was my challenge anyway. The obstacles were a lot of muddy water that you climbed through, there were about 4 or 5 of those and they had ribbons strung across at various heights so that you would get various shades of muddy. We did climb some hay bails, made out way through a boobie trap like field of string, walked/ran through tires, dodged some swinging tires, had a wooden wall to climb (rather than hurdle) and a rope net to climb up and back down (after hoisting yourself over). I skipped that wall climbing because the shoes were quite slippery from the mud, the wood to climb was slippery when wet, and the little stepping areas were quite narrow so it was just begging for me to break something:-)

See, not as hard right? It was fun though and I would do this one again next year. I did this with a friend and we both made it through without any incident however there seemed to be quite a few people who did hurt themselves during this one, maybe they slipped on all the mud?? 

Of course this one ended with a crawl through tons of mud, as you can see:

There I am, in the purple, getting in & getting out. I was actually not too muddy in the end, much muddier on Go Commando since we really had to get down in the mud. This one I could crawl so as you see the upper half isn't too bad. My friend's hubby snapped the photos and as much as I don't like photos I posed for this next one... you know, for posterity's sake:

There I am, in all my Dirty Girl glory. Of course I figured since I look awful in pictures why not make a goofy face & look worse?? LOL! My eyes, they never stay open when I just wing it and don't remember to focus on trying to keep them open. They are so sensitive! We were provided with a medal at the beginning of this run rather than the end. I figure it's just easier that way since there were so many people, those running and those watching. Oh, I almost forgot... the clean up. Man was that water ICE COLD! Because the day was rather cool and the sun wasn't out that water was just frigid. The clean up and changing is the worst part and I actually forgot a clean pair of pants! Yeah, I won't forget those in the future cause wearing the wet ones home wasn't so fun. I leave ya with a pic of the medal, don't mind my dirty towel that it's posed on:-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Went Commando!

No it's not a euphemism for not wearing panties/underwear:-)  It's another blog catching up on what 5Ks I've been keeping myself busy with. So yesterday I blogged about the Zombie Run (click on that to check it out) and now it's Go Commando, which was 6/9/12... a week after the Zombie Run.  This was my 2nd mud run for the year and after the Zombie Run it was pretty much a piece of cake! 

This one took place in Stillwater, Minnesota. I'm not sure of the name of the actual place because it's sort of private land but it's used for regular and cross country skiing. There were a few steep hills but not as bad as those I conquered during the Zombie Run. This one was a 5K with about a dozen obstacles and a lot of dirt with a vat of mud at the end! There was a foam area in the end and then we were sprayed off by firemen, with fire hoses, when all was said and done. So here's what it all entailed...

It was a great, sunny morning. The run was on a mix of grassy, uneven land and hilly dirt or flat dirt land... along with cutting through a stream and then a dip in tons of mud. The beginning was a lot of walking/running and it was the grassy area with a mix of hills and flat land. Right before the first obstacle, climbing over hay bails, I stepped in a hole or something and twisted my ankle. Boy did it hurt! I thought I was done and shook it off enough to try to walk on it. Just as I was ready to veer off course and quit though, my ankle said "No, no... I'm OK, you keep going!"  Ok, maybe that was just my head or that inner warrior saying it be none the less I thought all was good & I climbed those hay bails! Later I discovered it was the adrenaline that kicked in again cause my ankle was quit sore after it wore off and to this day it's still weak (although it's been sprained so many times it's always weak really).

Once I made it through the hay bails I figured I could do it so I continued on. There was a bunch more walking and then we cut through a stream, which I didn't end up falling in thank God cause it was pretty mossy & gross. The water was about knee high and cool but as mentioned before, gross... LOL. There was more walking, which I'll skip now in my descriptions so you can just assume that it continued to occur between each obstacle:-) and then we had some tables to climb over. They weren't really tables but that's what it looked like. You could go over or under, I went over. The next obstacle was the dang hurdle's, of various heights. Again, I had to skip that because I still can not hoist myself up those so around I went and on to tackle some steep up hill battles (but not as steep as the Zombie Run:-).  Once I got to the top of the last steep climb there was a lovely water mist that we got cooled off with and some water to drink, much appreciated after the climb. We were now on dirt trails and the next obstacle was crawling under this huge tarp and I thought it would be mud underneath but nope, just dry dirt. I was a little damp from the misting earlier so some stuck but this was the halfway point & I was still pretty clean & dry, by this time in the Zombie Run I was muddy & wet!  The next obstacles were some hilly mounds that we had to go over and then we walked a log and leaped into a hole that was filled with (what appeared to be) the foam from the inside of couch cushions. Or wait, maybe that was on the Zombie Run??  See what happens when I don't blog about these things right away! LOL! Either way, it was completed at one or the other:-) Then there was more walking/running which went through a tree filled area and there were snipers hidden that shot you with squirt guns that were filled with orange water. I was hit several times... LOL!  It was ok though cause next was the fun part:

The water slide! The first picture there my boyfriend took as I was going down so that's me. The 2nd one I took after I was done just to show another view. This slide was much shorter than the Zombie Run and you didn't fall into a pit of muddy water. It just ended and you got up and continued on to climbing a rockier type hill, doing some more running/walking, climbing over or under some big wooden spools, jumping over a little fire and then at the end this:

The mud crawl! Now this mud was deep, thick and sucked ya in. These are pictures that I took after I was done and cleaned up so they aren't me of course but I wanted to show what it looked like. As you see there are those barbed wires you have to crawl under and they weren't charged at all so no zapping thank goodness cause I may have been fried at the end... LOL! Once you got down in there it was a chore to get through it since the mud was like a suction device and just wanted to hold you in one spot. I made it through and let me telling you, it wasn't so easy getting back upright and walking out of there in the end! Not only was the mud so deep and unsteady, along with the suctioning that didn't want to let go, but your arms and body are just tried from making it's way through that there wasn't much strength left to struggle with that mud and free myself! Of course I did and then I was presented with my medal:

The medal is shown in the beginning also, along with the T-shirt and bracelet we were provided with... and my bib number, which I managed to keep throughout this time (unlike the Zombie Run where I lost it at some point). This course I managed to complete in 48 minutes which is an all time best for me so I have to think that maybe it wasn't a complete 5K cause how else would I finish it faster than a regular 5K where I don't twist my ankle & have obstacles?? I was pretty proud none the less and then I wend to check out this:

Oh the wonders of foam. Now I've never been in a foam party or anything so this was new to me and much dryer than I expected. It was also a little hard to breath cause the foam wanted to take over. The pics I'm not in cause I took these after just to show ya but this is where everyone went before heading over to be hosed off.... I didn't get pictures of that but I should of! 

All in all this was a fun one to do and unlike the Zombie Run, I wouldn't hesitate to do this one again next year cause it was pretty easy in comparison:-)  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Lived to Tell the Tale....

I'm trying to catch up on blogging out my 5K experiences so this blog today is about the Run for Your Lives 5K, which I like to call the Zombie 5K for short:-)  This 5K took place on June 14, 2012 at the Spring Creek Motor Cross Park in Millville, Mn and it was ridiculous! Ok, ridiculous as I was doing it cause the hills were crazy, steep and long. Being that it's now August and I've done 2 other obstacle course type runs like this I can safely say that the hills were steeper and longer than any other which is saying something since the other 2 were at ski parks/resorts. Yeah, I'm sticking with this one was ridiculous.... in a good way... now that I'm done:-)

This was my first ever obstacle course type 5K and it involved mud, lots of it, so they are generally called mud runs.  There were a dozen or so obstacles to conquer, not to mention several long and steep hills along with zombies that wanted your brains. Ok, they wanted the flags really and those signified your life. Here is the deal; above is the shirt we were given and at the top you see the medal for completing it but to the left is an example of one of the flags. We were given a belt with 3 flags on it and if you made it through to the end with at least 1 then you were considered alive but if you had none then you were the living dead. As you see, I had 1 left. It's a miracle and I'm still not sure how I accomplished it... other than I had a red shirt on during the run and it could have gotten camouflaged by that??  I usually have the bib with my number on it in my picture also but I lost that somewhere in the mud so that's why it's not shown here:-)

We had a great day for this run, the sun was out and it was warm but not too hot. I definitely worked up a sweat but there was a lot of water & mud to help keep that in control. The zombies, yeah.... they were volunteers that were professionally made up to appear zombie like. They weren't allowed to touch but they did try to make a grab for your flags. In the beginning they were just there but as you progressed through the course they got more aggressive in going for those flags, all the while no touchy touchy.  The overall course was a 5K and I'd say 1/2 of of it was an up hill battle.  Being that it's a motor cross park, these were some uneven and rocky dirt hills and they were nuts!

We began by going uphill, into the woods. A rocky, dirt path that was unkempt and possibly dangerous had you lost your balance. I made it through, without falling even! I'm a bit of a klutz and I did fall once I slid down the mud hill, bypassed a hurdle that I couldn't heave myself over and ran over a few mounds... fell after said mounds, lost my balance coming down:-)  I later found out that I fell pretty hard, which is why a zombie broke character to make sure I was ok and to tell my I was a rock star for continuing on.  At the time adrenaline masked the pain I guess... LOL! 

After that it was going over more mounds then through an abandoned house (like creation) that had electrically charged wires hanging all over, as you walked through water. The wires were easy to bypass, thank God, so no zappy zappy for me. Next was monkey bar across a tank of red water with some junk in it, you know... so it appeared like bloody water with pieces of body.  Hanging from the bars were plastic intestines, lovely right?  LOL!  I knew that I couldn't make my way across the bars so I jumped in the water to walk across & then was heaved out my 2 Army dudes. Not a bright & shining moment! Next was a maze with zombies around several corners, then more mounds and crawling through a big, cement tube that had water & mud in it.
More walking and then we had to walk in a stream for a while... about knee high.  The water actually felt pretty refreshing and I could wash off some mud, SCORE!  Getting into the stream I lost my first flag since the zombie blocked the one entrance to it & I was the only one going through at the time.  At the end of the stream walk there was a snake like trail of wooden triangles to crawl through before you could exit the stream & get back on land.  It was here that I realized that I banged up my leg pretty bad when I fell back in the beginning cause it was pretty painful to make it through since the sand in the water was pretty much all rocks. I made it through and then had a long walk until the next obstacles. The next few obstacles involved climbing up a wooden ladder, walking over a log bridge, climbing up a muddy, slippery dirt hill using a thick rope to keep you upright, more walking over many hills and mounds, and zombies galore... where I lost my 2nd flag, and then this....


This was by far the biggest slide out of all of the mud runs. I just wish the picture showed how truly large and long this was!  That's me coming down, a friend snapped it. It's a water slide and it was steep so I was nervous for that & the landing, which was into a big muddy pit of water! Yeah, it was about 4 feet deep and cold... and muddy. It was also very hard to climb out of but once you did there was one more obstacle to complete before you were done:

Looks easy & innocent right? It wasn't, that fence I'm crawling through wet mud under is electrically charged (yes that's me) and I wasn't so lucky not to hit it a few times. It didn't hurt but you got a shock alright. Once I made it out of there I was done and free to shower off. This mud run had one of the better washing stations also, must be because it's a motor cross park where people can get quite dirty. 

This mud run was fun overall, the best obstacle I'd have to say was that slide... even though you ended up in muddy water, but during the whole thing I was just wishing it were over cause those hills were torture! LOL!!  I've been keeping track of all the 5Ks that I do this year so that I can pick and choose which ones I would like to do again next year (& save money by only doing those that I enjoyed while walking my own 5Ks for free to make up for those that weren't quite as fun) and I have to say that this one I am feeling I don't want to do again.  LOL... unless they change where it's at or I lose my mind and can't remember that those hills were crazy. The friend who took the pictures had to step out during after the first round of hills because it was her first 5K for the year and her asthma couldn't take it so she wants to do it again next year and wants me to do it with her. At this point I told her I'd come to cheer her on but I'm not sure I want to do it again, I conquered it once and that's enough for me for now... although, maybe by next year I'll want to see if it's as tough cause hopefully I'll be in even better shape by then... hmmmm;-)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Irish Zero-K's Were Real... Wish No More!

Another weekend over & it was an Irish Fair weekend also!  Now I am an all year round Irish, from my dad's side of the family, as opposed to the occasional Irish.... you know, those that are Irish on St. Patty's Day or during occasions such as the Irish Fair:-)  Anyways, this weekend was a time for everyone to partake in some Irish fun on the lovely Harriet Island, here in St. Paul, MN... the heart of where the Irish immigrated to it is said:-)  St. Paul that is, not Harriet Island itself... LOL. 

Ok, with all that blarney out of the way let's get to the important part... the Get Your Green on 5K and, just as you were wishing there were a Zero-K (you know you were), the Couch Potato Zero-K!  Every year the Irish Fair has a 5K on the morning of Saturday and this year's was changed up a little as far as the route and festivities surrounding it. The Couch Potato Zero-K, that was a new, and fun, addition. You see, the Irish Fair has a free admission and once inside you partake of free entertainment in the form of Irish dancers, Irish bands, Irish sports, Irish dogs, and Irish shopping and eating.  Ok the shopping and eating isn't free but that's where they try to make some money to pay for the free stuff and to keep it free in the future. The 5K, the money raised for that is also put towards keeping the fair free so the addition of the Zero-K was just another way for them to raise some dollars to put towards the keeping it free fund. Pretty creative:-)  Ok, so here's the scoop on the K's:

The Irish Fair has it's share of corporate and bar donors that provide sponsor the K's so we got a great shirt which you see above there with my bib.  The Get Your Green on 5K was at 9 a.m. on August 11, 2012. We showed up on Harriet Island, which is on the Mississippi River, and then we were shuttled over to the opposite side of the river where there are beauteous walking paths along the Mississippi. It runs along Shepard/Warner Road where we have the outskirt of downtown St. Paul on our left and the Mississippi on our right. I've been wanting to walk the paths and haven't quite made it there so this was a great 5K to check that all out. You see, we didn't actually walk the paths we walked in the street, which they blocked off, due to the number of people and the fact that they don't want to crowd the public who may be using the paths for their own walking/running experiences.  From the street though you see the paths, the areas around them, the river, and all... it was a great walk and an excellent day for it!  The weather was beautiful and sunny, not too hot and a nice breeze. After walking 5K's worth we were then shuttled back to Harriet Island however not on a bus via the streets like in the morning, nope... it was a boat and across the Mississippi we went! So we had a beautiful, scenic boat ride also to rest up and then once we were on land we got a free beer cause you know... hydration is important:-) 

I finished the walk in an hour and while I wasn't last, I was slower than I would have liked but unfortunately I'm still having issues with my ankle and the shin splints... or whatever they are. Sometimes they bother me and sometimes they don't, it seems to be the type of terrain I walk on and the speed as which I do. I hope I figure it all out so that I can continue to participate without the pain! I'm just happy I finished and got there in time to get on that boat:-)  Then I went home to rest up a little so that I could come back later to enjoy the fair and participate in the Couch Potato Zero-K!

Yep, a Zero-K! The Couch Potato Zero-K, cause we're Irish... we love potatoes:-)  Above is the great shirt we received for that. I had to show the back & the front cause it's just awesome. The bib there is 0 and that was every one's number. It was pretty awesome. This walk was at 4:30 in the evening so I enjoyed a little of the fair before and after it.  For this we were given a coupon for a free beer and the start was about 3 feet from the nearest beer tent.  The object was to walk, not run, to the beer tent to get that free beer when given the signal. We had the opening ceremony of bag pipes and then we were off and as we crossed the finish line we were provided with a bag of potato chips to go with our beer.  That's all there was to it!  Now I cheated a little and had my beer before the walk, I just felt it was a little more fitting... LOL.  The potato chips... I was a little leery of that cause we were couch 'potatoes'... by giving us 'potato' chips isn't that sort of like promoting cannibalism??  LOL!

The good thing is that the fact that my ankle and shin were bothering me from the morning's 5K wasn't a problem for this Zero-K and we had beautiful day for both walks and the fair itself. It was definitely a fun filled day.  The bad thing is that I had a 5K for Sunday morning scheduled also but because the ankle and shin still hurt to much I had to skip that so that I wouldn't make it worse.  I've got to figure something out cause I've got 5K's each weekend for a while, sometimes 2, and a 10K coming up... with a 5K in that same day, later in the day, man!  I leave you with the great sign that welcomed us to the Couch Potato Zero-K & the question of, what fun & different runs/walks have you done or heard of in your neck of the woods??

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Been a Long Time.... Chooo-chooooo

What's that they say about best laid plans? Ok, you can't really call them plans if they are just ideas in your head and they never really go much further than that right?? 

So when last I blogged I was about to go on vacation. Ok, the last blog was really a poem I wrote for a friend who had a dog pass away... I miss the poetry writing and should get back into that!  The blog before that was in regards to me going on vacation and taking some me time and such. Well that's been done. While on vacation I wanted to continue to blog, get some things caught up in my blog and make some plans of moving forward in the weight loss efforts but none of that was done... I pretty much just had some fun and relaxed. Sometimes you need that but it's not like it would have been difficult to at least make some strides in planning out my attack on weight loss as I relaxed right?? 

It's the first week of being back to work, which I call going back to real life where it's more structured and there is less time for the fun. Fun is what you make it and where you find it but there is only so much that you can have while working you know? Anyways, I'm back to work and it's time to get more serious on the weight loss planning before things just get too far out of control! At this point I am still walking, going to the gym and trying to watch what I eat (and still feeling guilty when I'm eating badly) so there's still hope for getting back to the healthier ways since it's really only the eating that I need to get back on track.

I haven't stepped on the scale for quite some time and to be honest, things weren't really being controlled while I was on vacation so I'm a little nervous to get on the scale. The only good thing is my pants don't feel any tighter so that may be a sign that I wasn't too bad. I'm giving myself the week to get back on track with eating better and I'll probably weigh in this weekend or Monday morning for a fresh start on getting back to losing weight.

On vacation I did all sorts of fun stuff that I'll need to blog about, one of the fun things being the Dirty Girl Mud Run! I've now completed 3 mud runs this year & while I didn't really run... I did accomplish completing them and for me that is a gold star achievement:-)  No more mud runs for this year but I do still have several 5Ks (and a 10K) to complete and I'm going to do more personal 5Ks on my own just to try to make sure I reach that 650 mile goal I set for myself this year, along with Julie, over at Healthy, Wealthy and Wise,... who has already exceeded it.  I must say ~~ KUDOS to her!! 

So that's where things are at, I've been MIA but now I'm back and while I may not blog daily I will be working on things daily and hopefully the track I get built will be solid enough to keep me from getting derailed again.... CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOOOOOOOO:-)

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