Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Charlie the Rad

You were one of the chosen few,
they must have liked the looks of you
cause they took you into their hearts
and looked passed all your stinky farts.

There’s a special bond created
between a human and a pet.
I feel that it’s quite fated
on which ones we do get.

Charlie you were a faithful friend,
loving your family to the end.
Now you’ll watch them from up above
continuing to show your love.

That bond created will remain.
You’ll all recall good times and bad.
It’s the good memories you’ll retain
cause as dogs go, Charlie was rad!

This poem is dedicated to a good friend, & her family, that recently lost a loving family member.  Hopefully all will see the humor in the line about farts;-)

2 Unleashed voices:

Samien said...

good poem... cute pup!

Julie said...

This was an awesome poem. Losing a pet is terrible and I bet they loved you doing this for them. Thank you for sharing.

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