Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend is Done Dude!

Yep that's right, the weekend is over & I'm back to work. That's the bad news & as news goes it could be so much worse so I'll take it! The good news is it's a 3 day work week for me! I'll be on a 10 day vacation beginning 7/26, which is also my birthday. It's my way of saying happy birthday to me, even though I say it often during this month with the nice little things I allow myself to do and spend money on:-) I should say fun things cause it's more entertainment type stuff than material stuff. Like this past weekend it was the ostrich & camel races, a showboat show, and a couple movies. We were going to see a play in the park but I had enough outside activity and didn't want to be in the heat so we opted for an indoor movie. There was a little shopping also but just to use certificates I received so not a whole lot spent there.

I did get a few pictures at the race track that I'll share later this week, I have to get them downloaded & such. Unfortunately the ostriches were too unpredictable so they weren't made available to get good photos of them and the race went too quick for me to snap good ones during that. I'll have to see what I can salvage from what I did manage to capture so I can share them. I don't know what it is but I just find camels and ostriches to be so cute!

I got my gym time in and tried to keep up & up on the eating but I think there was too much eats last night cause I felt awful this morning. It never seems like you're eating all that much but alas.... your body definitely shows that you are in more ways than 1! 

I'll be continuing the gym this week, monitoring the eating, and having fun for the next 10 days (or I hope to be:-) I'm still in the process of finding at least 1 fun thing a day, hopefully more, but it will be good times. I did get a hammock for my deck so I can be lazy & enjoy the evening breeze (someday when we get some evening breezes that is... LOL) while I read a book or something. I put that together to check it out the other day & it's nice & comfy so I can't wait to make use of that during my vacation also!! If I get organized enough I could even blog from it!

Ok, more organized that is definitely what I have to work on. I notice how I don't seem to have time for the things I used to and I've come to the conclusion that it's because you only make time for those things that you really want to do. You may think you really want to do it but down deep inside there is part of you that wants to do something else much more so that seems to somehow force it's way to the front to take up the time that should be used for what you feel you really want to do. Confusing right??  I know, it's a twisted mess inside this head of mine and I'll never really, fully untangle it but little by little I try:-)

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