Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sharing More Fun Runs to Come!

Hey ya'll! Today I thought I'd share with ya a few little fun runs that I'm signing up for, so excited:-)

The 5Ks I had on the schedule were beginning to dwindle down as of June but I found a few new ones for Aug and Sept and some for Oct and I figured I'd share cause they're kinda different and fun.

The first is August 11th and this one isn't really a 5K but I am doing a 5K in the morning:-)  August 11th is the Irish Fair here in St. Paul and in association with that there is the Get Your Green on 5K in the morning but the one I'm most excited for is the evening one:

It's hard to read but it's the Irish Couch Potato Zero K. You can click on the picture to go to the page that explains both of the runs but in this one no running is allowed and the start & finish are 3 feet apart... LOL! A resting spot with some snacks and beer are where you end up. It should be a fun one seeing since the morning one will be a little hilly. The Irish Fair should be some fun also!

The next fun 5K is:

Who doesn't like glowing?? This one should be along the same lines as the Color Run on the level of fun but it's at night & you're much cleaner in the end. You can click on the pic to check it out, this one is in a few cities so see if it's in one near you so you can join in on the fun! Basically you get a shirt that will glow and glow jewelry and then you walk, run, skip, dance.... do whatever you want to get through the 5K on 9/1. It's not timed and there are spots where you stop and enjoy tunes and dancing. Here's the thing... in the morning I have a 10K that I'm doing... the Women Rock 10KI don't want to miss out on the fun of the glo and since it's not timed & it's in the evening, so I can get some rest in before, I figure I can give it a go... or glo:-)  I seriously can not wait for this one!!

The last fun one is:

This one takes place at Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota. It's a huge corn maze that they are setting up for a 5K in Oct! They will be blocking off the trails that get you all turned around & discombobulated so that you aren't stuck trying to actually figure out the maze as you try to get through cause this one is timed. They will make a curvy trail for everyone to follow but it won't be a confusing one according to the site, click on the picture and check it out. I've never been to the corn maze and have always wanted to go so now I get to check it out and do the 5K then after hang out & check out what else they have to offer. This should be fun!

So there ya go, some fun ones that I've signed up for and can't wait for! There are a few others I've added on and I will continue to do so for the fall & winter months as I come across them. You can check them out here at All of My 5K Glory in 2012! What fun runs do you have planned yet for this year??

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