Friday, July 13, 2012

Colored Music is Fair & Fun

The weekend is here the weekend is here!!  Ok, not quite yet but once work is done, at 4:30, I consider it to be here and I'm so excited!

Not that I'm not excited every weekend mind you. Well really I'm not 'excited' as much as just relieved and happy I guess so yes I'm EXCITED this weekend. Why you may ask? Well, the title of this blog sort of sums it up. It sounds strange I know but it will be fun... trust me:-) Here is what the weekend will entail for me.

It's Summer and July, my birthday month! I just threw in the birthday month part, my birthday isn't until the 26th and as of now no really fun things planned for that time other than taking a week off of work so this weekend will be my own personal birthday celebration.  LOL... sounds kind of pitiful.  Actually I have dinner with friends on the 25th so I'll probably do a little birthday celebration that night also and then all week long while I am on vacation but that's something to blog about later... me and my tangents! 

Ok, so as I was saying it's Summer with that comes the fairs... County and State. So this weekend is the Ramsey County Fair. It's not quite as grand as the Minnesota State Fair but I haven't been to the Ramsey County Fair for quite a few years so it's worth checking it out to see how things have changed and to practice for the bigger and better fair coming up at the end of August:-) That's on the docket for tonight possibly, if not then Saturday during the day.  I have to make it to the gym before the fair tonight so we'll if I'm up to it after that. Oh and I have to pick up my race packet for the Color Run... which brings me to fun thing # 2.

Ok, wait the Color Run is really # 3 because first comes the High School Reunion as #2. This is really a yearly thing done by a few people that graduated from Harding, the high school I went to of course. It's an All Class reunion they put on every year for anyone to come that ever went to Harding. Just a fun get together without the usual pressure that comes with the more formal reunions. It's really more like hanging out at the bar where the biggest party is at... or something. This one is Sat night and they are going to have a band and promise that it will be fun so I'll check it out for a little and see. Can't stay too late however cause I have to get up early Sunday morning for fun thing #3!

Now we are on to the Color Run!! Boasted as the Happiest 5K... this is one of the things I'm really excited for! Click on it back there & check out the little video on the bottom of the page you are brought to & you will see... and maybe you'll just have to agree:-) You start out in a white shirt & end up looking like you were pooped on by a unicorn. What?? They say unicorns poop rainbows and I believe them!! It's powdered color that gets tossed at you every quarter mile so by the end you are Rainbow colored and then there is a celebration of color where everyone tossing their packet of color that is provided and it's a colorful hootenanny (is that how you spell that??). Yeah, it's gonna be awesome, I'm gonna be Rainbow Bright! My little team of walkers/runners is called the Ink Blots (we're all a little skewed so it fits:-) 

When the fun ends there then it's time to rush home and try to clean up as much as possible so we can go to fun thing #4 & the 2nd one I'm most excited about! I'm going to see Kid Rock in concert! I love me some Kid Rock! He's playing at Mystic Lake Casino's outdoor amphitheater. It's supposed to be hot but whatever, it's Kid Rock.... and Mn so I'm used to it:-) There is some fun activities planned that night there also where we get some free pull tab fun and slot play fun which I may or may not take part in. I'll probably get the pull tabs but I'm not big on the slots. If it's free play then of course but if I have to pay then I just feel like I'm throwing my money away cause I don't win.... it could be my lucky night though... it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! 

So there you go, the title make sense now?? 4:30 just can't get here quick enough and hopefully there will be some pictures to show from the Sunday activities that I'm most excited for! I'm not going to wish too hard that Sunday get here however cause then Monday comes & it's back to work but I will be enjoying Sunday once it does get here that is for sure!

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Julie said...

Okay, you gotta share, how'd the color run go? How was your fair, how was your weekend. I want to see pictures....please. I wish it wasn't a 2+ hour drive to the cities for these things. I would of love to do the Color Run. I have heard and seen some great fun and pictures of other ones.
It'll be a pleasure to have you join me. YEAH!!!

MaryFran said...

Ok spit was the weekend? Everything you thought it would be and then some?????

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