Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Charlie the Rad

You were one of the chosen few,
they must have liked the looks of you
cause they took you into their hearts
and looked passed all your stinky farts.

There’s a special bond created
between a human and a pet.
I feel that it’s quite fated
on which ones we do get.

Charlie you were a faithful friend,
loving your family to the end.
Now you’ll watch them from up above
continuing to show your love.

That bond created will remain.
You’ll all recall good times and bad.
It’s the good memories you’ll retain
cause as dogs go, Charlie was rad!

This poem is dedicated to a good friend, & her family, that recently lost a loving family member.  Hopefully all will see the humor in the line about farts;-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend is Done Dude!

Yep that's right, the weekend is over & I'm back to work. That's the bad news & as news goes it could be so much worse so I'll take it! The good news is it's a 3 day work week for me! I'll be on a 10 day vacation beginning 7/26, which is also my birthday. It's my way of saying happy birthday to me, even though I say it often during this month with the nice little things I allow myself to do and spend money on:-) I should say fun things cause it's more entertainment type stuff than material stuff. Like this past weekend it was the ostrich & camel races, a showboat show, and a couple movies. We were going to see a play in the park but I had enough outside activity and didn't want to be in the heat so we opted for an indoor movie. There was a little shopping also but just to use certificates I received so not a whole lot spent there.

I did get a few pictures at the race track that I'll share later this week, I have to get them downloaded & such. Unfortunately the ostriches were too unpredictable so they weren't made available to get good photos of them and the race went too quick for me to snap good ones during that. I'll have to see what I can salvage from what I did manage to capture so I can share them. I don't know what it is but I just find camels and ostriches to be so cute!

I got my gym time in and tried to keep up & up on the eating but I think there was too much eats last night cause I felt awful this morning. It never seems like you're eating all that much but alas.... your body definitely shows that you are in more ways than 1! 

I'll be continuing the gym this week, monitoring the eating, and having fun for the next 10 days (or I hope to be:-) I'm still in the process of finding at least 1 fun thing a day, hopefully more, but it will be good times. I did get a hammock for my deck so I can be lazy & enjoy the evening breeze (someday when we get some evening breezes that is... LOL) while I read a book or something. I put that together to check it out the other day & it's nice & comfy so I can't wait to make use of that during my vacation also!! If I get organized enough I could even blog from it!

Ok, more organized that is definitely what I have to work on. I notice how I don't seem to have time for the things I used to and I've come to the conclusion that it's because you only make time for those things that you really want to do. You may think you really want to do it but down deep inside there is part of you that wants to do something else much more so that seems to somehow force it's way to the front to take up the time that should be used for what you feel you really want to do. Confusing right??  I know, it's a twisted mess inside this head of mine and I'll never really, fully untangle it but little by little I try:-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Need Some Me Time!

Ok, granted I've been doing some fun stuff lately but that's on the weekends and when Mondays roll around I'm back to work and the mundane everyday stuff. I need a break from it all and it's really hard to get that when home is part of what I need a break from. Not sure why really but sometimes you just need to leave your safe zones for longer than a day's worth of events. Alas, money is an issue when it comes to that. Luckily I have 3 more work days and then I'll be on vacation for a week. I'll be home but I'm trying to plan some fun, more affordable, things to do so I can unwind and get the me time I feel I need to get out of this weekday funk. I figure some weekdays that are out of the normal routine may be what is in need to do that you know??

So this weekend I'm going to Canterbury Downs here in Shakopee, Mn for their Extreme race day. Instead of horse races it's ostriches and camels! How cool is that?? I am drawn to those animals so I'll be snapping some photos... hopefully I'm close enough to get some good ones:-) After that we will be going to a Burlesque show on the Minnesota Centennial Show Boat, on the Mississippi River. That should be interestingly fun:-) On Sunday there is a free Shakespeare play in the park that I may go check out.  Hopefully it'll be a weekend of good fun to help me make it through the 3 work days before I'm officially on my birthday vacation!  HOOTIE-HOO!!  Oh, there is also the new Batman movie... that's probably gonna be tonight, so excited for the Batman movie... I'm a little bit of a geek:-)

So that's the plan. The eating, yeah that's not been going so well cause of my funk. I don't eat right but I'm not really overeating. I did well week 1 and most of week 2 but then it went downhill and kept on going. I do try to get to the gym but not so much walking cause the ankle is a little flared up from the Color Run walking and the heat and humidity (I get some awful swelling). My deal to myself is to take the rest of July to get my act together and some planning so that once my vacation is over so is my erratic eating! That's 8/7, until then I'll be eating sensibly and going to the gym but making plans to be more health conscious for the rest of the year so that I can get back to losing weight... AS I SHOULD BE!! 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sharing More Fun Runs to Come!

Hey ya'll! Today I thought I'd share with ya a few little fun runs that I'm signing up for, so excited:-)

The 5Ks I had on the schedule were beginning to dwindle down as of June but I found a few new ones for Aug and Sept and some for Oct and I figured I'd share cause they're kinda different and fun.

The first is August 11th and this one isn't really a 5K but I am doing a 5K in the morning:-)  August 11th is the Irish Fair here in St. Paul and in association with that there is the Get Your Green on 5K in the morning but the one I'm most excited for is the evening one:

It's hard to read but it's the Irish Couch Potato Zero K. You can click on the picture to go to the page that explains both of the runs but in this one no running is allowed and the start & finish are 3 feet apart... LOL! A resting spot with some snacks and beer are where you end up. It should be a fun one seeing since the morning one will be a little hilly. The Irish Fair should be some fun also!

The next fun 5K is:

Who doesn't like glowing?? This one should be along the same lines as the Color Run on the level of fun but it's at night & you're much cleaner in the end. You can click on the pic to check it out, this one is in a few cities so see if it's in one near you so you can join in on the fun! Basically you get a shirt that will glow and glow jewelry and then you walk, run, skip, dance.... do whatever you want to get through the 5K on 9/1. It's not timed and there are spots where you stop and enjoy tunes and dancing. Here's the thing... in the morning I have a 10K that I'm doing... the Women Rock 10KI don't want to miss out on the fun of the glo and since it's not timed & it's in the evening, so I can get some rest in before, I figure I can give it a go... or glo:-)  I seriously can not wait for this one!!

The last fun one is:

This one takes place at Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota. It's a huge corn maze that they are setting up for a 5K in Oct! They will be blocking off the trails that get you all turned around & discombobulated so that you aren't stuck trying to actually figure out the maze as you try to get through cause this one is timed. They will make a curvy trail for everyone to follow but it won't be a confusing one according to the site, click on the picture and check it out. I've never been to the corn maze and have always wanted to go so now I get to check it out and do the 5K then after hang out & check out what else they have to offer. This should be fun!

So there ya go, some fun ones that I've signed up for and can't wait for! There are a few others I've added on and I will continue to do so for the fall & winter months as I come across them. You can check them out here at All of My 5K Glory in 2012! What fun runs do you have planned yet for this year??

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Happiest 5K I've Experienced!

Let me just start by saying that the above picture there is from the Color Run's Facebook page but that is absolutely what it looks like in person when it's time for the color tossing. Click on that pic to go to their page if you are on Facebook and keep in touch to see if/when they are in your area cause you definitely don't want to miss out if having fun is your type of thing.

Ok, the Color Run was here in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 15th. They took over the Minnesota State Fair Grounds for the day and provided over 19,000 people with some colorful fun on a hot and steamy, but beautiful, Sunday morning. You heard that right, over 19,000 people they said. How crazy is that?? It's crazy fun that's how crazy it is:-) Here is the run down on the color run.

The packet pick up was the Friday & Saturday before the event. Smart, since there were so many people. I like when you can get that out of the way so you can be prepared. We were provided with a shirt, head band, wrist band, race bib and our own personal bag of color dust (meant to be kept for the color toss at the finish of the run). Now they had all sorts of rainbow colors and I thought I was lucky & had purple but no, no... that's magenta. So many shades so little time. There was a truer purple and had I known or realized I would have asked to swap, cause they were letting you choose your color if you wanted. Now on race day you were supposed to wear a white shirt and it didn't have to be the one they provided, in case you wanted to keep that in it's pristine condition to flaunt at a later date:-) If you click on the pic of the goodies up there then you'll be brought to the event page in Facebook, for Mn, and you can see some pictures & videos that others posted from their experience.  

Look at the droves of people in white! So many people that there were 3 official start times and each of those starts had waves of people sent off in 10-15 minute intervals. In the picture there you see those rounding the bend after the start and those heading towards their first color point. It was a 90 some degree day, the sun was high in the sky, it was hot and people were thrilled to be there. I'd have to say it's the first run where the excitement level was as high as it was, for so early in the morning. It may have had to do with the size of the crowds but I'd have to say that so far it's definitely the happiest 5K I've been part of!

Now I didn't bring a camera along cause I was worried about ruining it with the color festivities... I should have brought it! I did have my cell phone, which I was worried about too but I feel naked without it so I had it. I didn't want the battery to die so I only got a few pictures. The point of the run is to get colored of course and there are colors at every 1/4 mile or so. By the end it was 4 colors that we went through. First was orange, 2nd was pink, 3rd we had yellow and 4th was

Blue, look at it there in the distance. A cloud of blue to fulfill my dream of becoming a Smurf! I do love the Smurfs. Now with the crowds as they were and people being what they are, the color spots weren't quite as fun as they could be for those of us that aren't so aggressive. I mean, I was thinking the people spreading the color love would just be shooting it off in the air and letting the color particles fall where they may but they were shooting at individual people. Bless their hearts, they tried to get each & every person coming through but there were a lot of color greedy people that sort of hogged that experience. Sometimes people stood there to be dusted down or stopped, dropped & rolled in the color on the ground and the color points became a little congested. I, not being quite that way, ended up getting most of my color at the color tossing finale however at the blue point I did manage to get close enough to a duster that caught me so my Smurfy dreams came true!

Ok, not totally Smurf like but close:-) It was all up my arm & later I found out it was on the side of my face. The color didn't last to long on the face since I was way too hot and sweaty. Although it did stay on my temples and forehead cause I had to scrub a little later to get that off. Ok so here are a couple shots at the finish line. Not of me, just some random crowd shots:

This is right after the finish, before the color toss. The color toss was epic. There was a stage with some announcers and music. The crowd was pumped and cheering, dancing, gathering for the excitement of that color toss. They tossed out bags of color for random people to get since there were many that couldn't wait to use the color bag provided and didn't have any in the end. Rest assured, whether you had your own personal bag or not at this point you were gonna get colored! They counted down the time and everyone tossed their colors into the air and you were in this cloudy, haze of color. You couldn't see but you could feel it coming down. You didn't want to breath in too deeply or you may be spitting and blowing color for days to come. If you had breathing problems this part may have been a little tough if you weren't prepared for it cause it's millions of dust particles in the air but it was quite the experience. Of course I couldn't get pictures as I was in it, for fear of ruining my phone! So afterwards I went into the grandstand bleachers to watch for the next color toss and snap pictures of it. They were doing these about every 20-30 minutes... maybe less than that but they made sure everyone that wanted to got to participate.
There you see the crowds gathering for the next color toss, & those with me in the grandstand waiting to get pictures:-)

Now of course my pictures aren't as awesome as the one that starts out this blog, or as they could have been since my iPhone locked up on me when the toss happened. In the beginning it's awesome cause you see each individual color come up and then spread and blend... my camera caught the blending part and then the settling part. My boyfriend did the run with me and by this point he was too hot and his feet were really hurting, his shoes weren't the best for walking, so we had to head out otherwise I would have definitely stuck around for another color toss or 2 so I could get some better shots.
Being since all I had was my iPhone camera and that I don't like to be in pictures, I didn't even think to take any of myself until all was said and done and we were back to the car, ready to head home. Because of this a lot of the color was brushed of or muddled by sweat and everything so my personal pics aren't as fun as those who did capture themselves right away. 

There I am with what's left of the color. You can't really see it but my left temple was blue & the right was yellow. My forehead, under my bangs, all blue with spots of pink and I think my hair got the majority of it! Here is what the boyfriend's shirt looked like, once everything settled/muddled:

Here is what mine looked like, front & back:

Somehow that 2nd picture is sideways but you get the gist. I wore my The shirts were washed & believe it or not the color came out for the most part. Mine does still have some very light pink stains and the boyfriend's has a few light splotches. I'm not one to wear all white shirts so it's all good, it'll probably become a lazy day at home shirt:-) The sweat band they provided I wore as a headband as you see from the head shot up there and that is the one thing I am not washing so it keeps the color.

There on the left is what it looked like when I took it off. Because the color is powder I then rubbed it in well to set it so the one on the right is the final souvenir from the run... besides the shirt they provided:-)  After a little something to eat and a lot to drink it was off to the showers and I discovered:

Look, it's an ink blot butterfly!! Our team was the Ink Blots so that was what came to mind and it's shaped like a butterfly which is a symbol of transformation and that is what I'm working on for me... a transformation of the way I live, eat and breath:-) Perfect!

Because my pictures leave a lot to be desired and probably don't really convey the fun and make you want to sign up, I found this video on Youtube that may do that. It gets a little shaky in parts but shows the color points and the final color toss if you stick through it. This was a video someone here in Minnesota took as they ran it and I recognize some of the people even but didn't see me in it (thank God... LOL).  It's 4:13 minutes long so if you don't want to watch it all, at least watch the last minute for that final color toss... skip to 4:12 and Enjoy!!


This is a 5K I thoroughly enjoyed and will be watching for when it's coming back next year so I can sign up again! I encourage you all to experience it if/when it is in your area, or comes back if you missed it this year, you won't be sorry! I saw someone posted the other day that the Color Run isn't the happiest 5K on the planet, the one at Disney World is but I have to beg to differ on that. I haven't experienced the one at Disney World mind you but it's timed and that right there takes away some of the fun in my opinion:-) It's all a matter of opinion really in the long run however so check it out & the Disney one too if you have that luxury and let me know what you think:-)
My next 5K is a virtual one that Julie is putting on click on the image below to check that out! 


My next non-virtual 5K is Challenge Cancer on 7/28, as always I'm counting down the days on my ticker over in the right column of my blog:-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Colored Music is Fair & Fun

The weekend is here the weekend is here!!  Ok, not quite yet but once work is done, at 4:30, I consider it to be here and I'm so excited!

Not that I'm not excited every weekend mind you. Well really I'm not 'excited' as much as just relieved and happy I guess so yes I'm EXCITED this weekend. Why you may ask? Well, the title of this blog sort of sums it up. It sounds strange I know but it will be fun... trust me:-) Here is what the weekend will entail for me.

It's Summer and July, my birthday month! I just threw in the birthday month part, my birthday isn't until the 26th and as of now no really fun things planned for that time other than taking a week off of work so this weekend will be my own personal birthday celebration.  LOL... sounds kind of pitiful.  Actually I have dinner with friends on the 25th so I'll probably do a little birthday celebration that night also and then all week long while I am on vacation but that's something to blog about later... me and my tangents! 

Ok, so as I was saying it's Summer with that comes the fairs... County and State. So this weekend is the Ramsey County Fair. It's not quite as grand as the Minnesota State Fair but I haven't been to the Ramsey County Fair for quite a few years so it's worth checking it out to see how things have changed and to practice for the bigger and better fair coming up at the end of August:-) That's on the docket for tonight possibly, if not then Saturday during the day.  I have to make it to the gym before the fair tonight so we'll if I'm up to it after that. Oh and I have to pick up my race packet for the Color Run... which brings me to fun thing # 2.

Ok, wait the Color Run is really # 3 because first comes the High School Reunion as #2. This is really a yearly thing done by a few people that graduated from Harding, the high school I went to of course. It's an All Class reunion they put on every year for anyone to come that ever went to Harding. Just a fun get together without the usual pressure that comes with the more formal reunions. It's really more like hanging out at the bar where the biggest party is at... or something. This one is Sat night and they are going to have a band and promise that it will be fun so I'll check it out for a little and see. Can't stay too late however cause I have to get up early Sunday morning for fun thing #3!

Now we are on to the Color Run!! Boasted as the Happiest 5K... this is one of the things I'm really excited for! Click on it back there & check out the little video on the bottom of the page you are brought to & you will see... and maybe you'll just have to agree:-) You start out in a white shirt & end up looking like you were pooped on by a unicorn. What?? They say unicorns poop rainbows and I believe them!! It's powdered color that gets tossed at you every quarter mile so by the end you are Rainbow colored and then there is a celebration of color where everyone tossing their packet of color that is provided and it's a colorful hootenanny (is that how you spell that??). Yeah, it's gonna be awesome, I'm gonna be Rainbow Bright! My little team of walkers/runners is called the Ink Blots (we're all a little skewed so it fits:-) 

When the fun ends there then it's time to rush home and try to clean up as much as possible so we can go to fun thing #4 & the 2nd one I'm most excited about! I'm going to see Kid Rock in concert! I love me some Kid Rock! He's playing at Mystic Lake Casino's outdoor amphitheater. It's supposed to be hot but whatever, it's Kid Rock.... and Mn so I'm used to it:-) There is some fun activities planned that night there also where we get some free pull tab fun and slot play fun which I may or may not take part in. I'll probably get the pull tabs but I'm not big on the slots. If it's free play then of course but if I have to pay then I just feel like I'm throwing my money away cause I don't win.... it could be my lucky night though... it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! 

So there you go, the title make sense now?? 4:30 just can't get here quick enough and hopefully there will be some pictures to show from the Sunday activities that I'm most excited for! I'm not going to wish too hard that Sunday get here however cause then Monday comes & it's back to work but I will be enjoying Sunday once it does get here that is for sure!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mondays Get a Bad Wrap

We've all done it right, complained about it being Monday?? I know I have but then I always think that it could be any day of the week really, just depends on how your work week falls. I work the standard M-F with Sat & Sun off and then it's back to it again when Monday comes around. I'm assuming if someone works everyday though Monday is just another day for them or maybe they work T-Th & have Sat, Sun and Mon off... then for them Tuesday is their Monday and not so fun day! 

Yeah, I know it's weird things that I think about & blog about sometimes but this week it hits me more than usual because even though today is Thursday it feels like a Monday. How is that you ask? Well, it's because I had Wednesday off due to it being the 4th of July. Yes it's an extra day off and for those I am always grateful but it just throws things off. All day yesterday I felt like it was a Sunday. You know, it's a holiday and a lot of stores like to run on Sunday hours for holidays so it just kind of starts to feel like Sunday. That coupled with the fact that I then have to go back to work for the rest of the week just made it feel more like a Sunday with Thursday becoming Monday & Friday then Tuesday.  I guess that then makes it a 2 day work week huh?? Then Saturday and Sunday, well they become what they are and soon enough Monday is back again with a vengeance because it will seem even sooner than usual now since W-F were lost in this new make shift work week of mine.

Do you follow all of that? Anyways, this day... this Thursday that feels like a Monday is dragging on and on so that is what I think about to try to get the time to pass a little quicker. It doesn't really work mind you but it amuses me for a few minutes in my day so that's always a plus:-)

Yeah, I think Mondays just end up getting a bad wrap by default. They are the first day of the week for many and therefore dreaded by many. It would be so much nicer if our 'weekends' would be equivalent to the 'week days' wouldn't it? I know there are only 7 days in the week but I'd be willing to work 4 days in a row with 3 days off and not complain about my 'Monday' (whichever day it may fall on) so much then. Sure the weekend would still go by quicker, those fun days always do, but it would seem a little more fair cause most of us Americans spend more time at work then we do at home and that's just not right. It is the way we do things though and I am grateful that I have a job to go to so for that I will never complain! 

Mondays however, as bad of a wrap as it may be... and trust me it could be worse if I were to make it a 'rap' rather than a 'wrap'.... LOL, I'm still going to dislike it when it's time to revisit them are restart my week. Not because I'm not grateful for it all but just because it always seems to get here so quickly.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If Only I Were Butter....

Ok, I don't really want to be butter but just imagine if I were with the heat being like it's been. I mean, we hit 100 degrees today and it was something like 78% humidity! Yeah, I see your point. If I were butter I'd be nothing but a puddle of grease, animal fat, or whatever other ingredients are up in that butter. Ok, how about if my fat were butter so as I sweat it would just be that fat melting off?? 

Alright, it's not going to work that way I know. It would be awesome though right? I mean, can't you just picture it? Anyways, we've been hot here in Minnesota. Nothing new really, we usually are this time of year. I'm glad I gave in and got a window air conditioner though cause this year I am not suffering through it like I did last year with the portable type air conditioner I had. It didn't work well at all. It may have been a defunct one cause my mom's works well be whatever... water under the bridge... or in the case of the my old portable... water all over the carpet!  LOL... I digress!

Speaking of butter. You know how there is that old war of which is better, butter or margarine? Then they have all the other versions of butters like Can't Believe it's Not Butter & such. Well, according to the Eat This Not That books I read, butter is better but there are some 'spreads' that they recommend also. I'm not a big fan of butter, thank God. I'm not one to use it much unless I'm eating corn on the cob, toast or maybe some home made popcorn:-) It's not that I don't like it but, well I don't really want to eat it unless it's melted on something cause eating it solid just weirds me out. Which basically means I don't really spread it on bread, unless it's warm bread and it will melt:-)  Anyways, here is what the book recommends for the 'healthier' choices when it comes to butter/spreads:

1) Land O'Lakes Whipped Butter (7 g, 1 Tbsp). 50 calories, 6 g fat (3.5 g saturated), 50 mg sodium. Because it's whipped there is more air introduced which makes it lighter and easier to spread.

That's the info from the book. This one I was buying and do prefer cause I always knew 'butter' was better and for everyday use I like it in bowl rather than a stick butter. This isn't so easy to spread when it's cold however and it's one that should be kept in the fridge so I tend to take it out ahead of time, if I remember, when I want to use it for spreading rather than cooking.

2) Brummel & Brown Spread (14g, 1 Tbsp). 45 calories, 5 g fat (1.5 g saturated), 90 mg sodium. This one uses yogurt instead of cream to make the final product & therefore it's one of the lowest-calorie spreads.

I haven't tried this one yet but I'm interested to see what it tastes like. I'm not a yogurt fan but when it's used as an ingredient in something I'm ok with it so once I find it in the store I may just have to give it a whirl.

3) Organic Valley Whipped Butter (7 g, 1 Tbsp). 50 calories, 6 g fat (3.5 g saturated), 40 mg sodium. Going organic can cut out the potential hormone-related risks.

I know 'organic' is the big in thing now a days but for me it's not really my focus in healthy eating yet. I don't want to shop at the pricier whole food stores and there isn't a large abundance of organic in the major grocery store usually, depends on the season I guess. Also I've read a lot about how products that say they are organic really aren't all that organic so I figure first I'll get the eating healthy down on the affordable and I'll slowly move to organic as I can but mostly in the fresh fruits and veggies more so than anything else. But, for those of you that are big on the organic... this is the butter for you:-)

4) Smart Balance buttery Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (11 g, 1 Tbsp). 60 calories, 7 g fat (2 g saturated), 70 mg sodium. Studies show that the omega-3 fatty acids in this one can protect against breast, prostate, and colon cancer.

I've tried this one and it's ok. To be honest I don't really remember how the flavor was and all, or the spread factor, but I didn't continue buying it so that tells me I still preferred #1 I guess.

5) PAM Olive Oil Cooking Spray (0.3 g, one 1/4 second spray). 0 calories, 0 g fat, 0 sodium. There is technically calories from the olive oil however the impact is negligible if you are only using a light misting.

This one is what I use most often in cooking. Nice and easy, next to nothing on calories, has a good flavor... it's a staple:-)

6) Shedd's Spread Country Crock Churn Style (14 g, 1 Tbsp). 60 calories, 7 g fat (2 g saturated), 85 mg sodium. It's lighter than most "churn style" spreads.

This is the one the boyfriend prefers. I always thought it wasn't so great for ya but turns out it's not so bad. This is also the one my parents often bought when I was younger so I'm used to it and the taste is pretty good in cooking and eating on bread or whatever. It's a little easier to spread when cold than #1, which is why the boyfriend prefers it I think (he's a bigger butter eater).

There ya have it.... I wasn't sure where I was going with this blog but the better butters are what I churned out... LOL....

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